Support / Help Desk

Support System / Help Desk is available 24/7, but before contacting us, please read the short memo below:

If you have any questions or experience any problems with our mods / trainers or other products, then you can go to our Support System and send us a support ticket.
Do not email us directly. We don't provide support over emai. Any requests or questions that get spammed to any of our social media or emails, will simply be ignored.
Legit support requests and questions must be sent via our support desk only.

When sending a ticket, include as much information as possible. Don't just say "it doesn't work", that won't help us identify the problem at all. We need to know details.
This support system is only for people who have ordered from our Store or planning on buying something, but require more information before purchase or for those who are experiencing other issues with the website (payment not working, can't register..etc). If you send us a support ticket containing general spam, like "can you make this trainer or that" or "why it's not free", then such tickets will simply be ignored.

Want FREE trainers or have trainer requests? You can send your requests directly via my Patreon
If you want to request trainers or get access to free trainers, you must become "Special" tier supporter on Patreon and then message me via Patreon.
Becoming a special tier supporter, will also give you access to free trainers!