Download / Delivery Information


Sometimes when orders are made in different currency, then they may not get automatically confirmed and remain as "pending". If your order has remained as pending for over an hour, then feel free to contact us via our Support Desk and ask for manual activation.

<< Downloadable Contents >>

Any downloadable content will be available as soon as your order has been completed (Cheques may take up to 1 month, but as soon as it clears, your download will be available), except when there are server errors, which is out of our control (read the NOTE above).
You can access your downloads under your profile "Downloads" section.
If your connection between you and our website is being slow for some reason, then it is not recommended to try and download the item, because only 3 downloads are allowed by default on most products. However you can always report the problem and we will look into it and sort it out with you. These limits are put in place to prevent malicious users from trying to lag the website and also because we don't provide life time free downloads.  


<< Note about Anti-Virus programs >>

We have had reports that some anti-virus programs detect our trainers as some sort of malware / riskware. We assure you, that our trainers are 100% clean. This happens because anti-virus companies are working on a conspiracy to prevent cheating / hacking in games so they block everything that remotely even looks like a cheat / hack tool (some Anti-Virus companies block Cheat Engine too, saying it's a malware). Before downloading, we recommend setting your anti-virus to "alert me, do not take action automatically", so that anti-virus will alert you of the potential threat, but does not automatically block/delete the file. It still blocks access to file if you try to launch, but this way you will not lose the trainer. Or turn anti-virus off complete to make sure you're able to download, this will NOT put your comptuter at risk, because in order to infect your computer, you must execute the file. We suggest you turn off anti-virus, download the trainer and scan it if you feel unsafe, but don't let anti-virus automatically delete it.

We assure you, that our trainers don't have any kind of malware in them, it would make no sense to sell a virus, if we wanted to infect people, we'd be giving them out for free. We'd probably make more money by making free trainers with adware and malware in them, but we want to keep our stuff clean and simple!

* We have made download tests, those are just blank files, but they have same extension as the trainer (.exe and .dat). So before downloading your product, download the test files first and see that downloads work fine, however your anti-virus may still give a warning because of the nature of a trainer.

- In case of doubt, you are free to send our trainer to anti-virus company for examination. They will not be able to execute it, as our trainers are allowed to run only on the PC where it was first executed on, but they won't have to, they can scan the file behaviour and confirm that it is not a virus.


<< Others >>

If you order an item that is not downloadable, such as TDU2 savegame mod which can only be done by using player's savegame, then you must first read the details listed under specific item / cheat / hack / mod and provide necessary information and/or files.

Note - Download managers and any other alternative download methods are not supported, you must use browser's default download method. Auto logins, form saving features and auto downloads are not supported either, you must click on the download and download it by using browser's default features! Download managers and other automation tools are open door for all sorts of spammers, this is why we don't support any of those.

If you did not recieve the item or having any other issues with the download then send us a Support Ticket at our Help Desk


<< Updates >>

With each purchase you will receive 30 days of free updates, if your order is older than 30 days and there is update, then you must buy the trainer again in order to receive another 30 days of free updates. Updates are not automatic, so in most cases you must contact our support to get your order updated. In some cases we remove the old trainer and replace it with updated version, in that case you can simply re-download the new version.


<< NO REFUNDS under any circumstances >>

We have no refund policy. if you are not sure about something, consult with us first by sending us a Support Ticket in our Help Desk. Once you have bought the item that is downloadable, then we can't refund, because you have gained access to downloadable goods that cannot be returned. Make sure you read all the information about trainer before buying it. If downloadable item is not compatible with your system, then this is not our fault, each item (trainer, modification, savegame ..etc) has been tested on more than 1 computer and it works 100% with the correct version of the game and it has been explained in the description. If it does not work for you, then this is not our fault. This is the risk you must accept before making any purchase on our Store.