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By accepting these Legal Terms and Conditions you accept that you have read, understood and agree to the legal information below.
By using our website (and services) you are subject to these Terms and Conditions, if you do not accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions, then please leave this website immediately as this is a legal agreement, by ticking the box "I accept" is equal to giving your real signature on a legal document.

BEFORE PURCHASING - Please read the trainer / product description, it is for your own good. Lot of people have bought trainer for wrong version of the game and then they complain in the support that it does not work. If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to contact our Support before buying.


DOWNLOAD / ACTIVATION - Our website uses PayPal's IPN (Instant Payment Notifications), this means that after payment is complete, your order should be available within 5 minutes, but may take up to 48 hours, we do not control this. Sometimes there are communication issues between PayPal server and our server, which causes the delays. please read DOWNLOAD INFORMATION for more details regarding downloadable content. If after 48 hours your order is still not complete, then please contact our Support Desk and ask our support to activate the order manually. Note that you don't have to wait 48 hours, but please wait at least 1 hour before contacting our support regarding stuck / pending orders. We usually reply within 1 working day, but our response times can take up to 72 hours, so please bare that in mind when reaching out.

MALWARE ALERT?! - We have had some reports that some anti-virus programs detect our trainers (software) as some sort of malware / riskware. We assure you, that our trainers are 100% clean. What sense would it make to sell malware? If we would want to infect people, we would give our software for free (like all the free trainers out there, that include malware). This happens because anti-virus companies are working on a conspiracy to prevent cheating / hacking in games so they block everything that remotely even looks like a cheat / hack tool. Before downloading, we recommend setting your anti-virus to "alert me, do not take action automatically", so that anti-virus alerts you of the potential threat, but does not automatically block/delete the file. It still blocks access to file if you try to launch, but this way you won't lose the trainer.
We also recommend using Kaspersky anti-virus instead of some other idiotic anti-viruses that are involved in the conspiracy to try and prevent usage of cheat / hack tools. Also some anti-viruses detect trainer as malware or riskware only beacuse of the nature of the trainer. Trainer uses hotkeys, which means trainer has to monitor for your keypresses on keyboard, this is similar behavior to keyloggers and some poor anti-virus programs simply can't make a difference between a program that uses hotkeys and an actual keylogger.

- If you are still not sure, then download the trainer, but do not execute the trainer and then send our trainer to anti-virus company for examination. There are also lot of online virus-scanners (just google for them) that allow you to upload a file to the website for a quick scan, they have results from over 50 different anti-virus databases and will give you the results. There will always be some anti-virus companies that detect our trainers as malware, but majority of them will not (Such as Kaspersky). Bottom line, if you really think we have actual virus in trainers, why would we sell them? If we would want to spread viruses, we would make all trainers free for maximum damage. So please do not accuse us in having virus in our programs.

Software / Product usage Policy:
Please keep in mind that only you (the customer) are allowed to use the purchased product, you are not allowed to share or re-sell our products, this also means you are not allowed to share with friends. Product is for you and you only. Therefore we have copyright protection implanted into each product that prevents you from using it on multiple computers (or operating systems, including sandbox or any other virtual environment). Our trainers will work only in a PC where it was first activated on. Attempting to use our products (trainers / mods) in any other PC will prevent our product/s from running in different PC / OS. That includes re-installation of your Operating System and formatting your primary Drive (SSD / HDD).
What if I buy new PC? - Well sorry, but unfortunetely there is no way for us to tell if you really bought a new PC or just trying to use trainer in your friend's PC, therefore we do not provide you new trainer in case you really do buy a new PC or had accident with current OS and had to re-install. I hope you understand our point of view.
Also note that you will receive only 1 copy of product and you will not receive the file again if you accidently delete it or something else happens.


* This Store does not sell any copyrighted products, game content or any other form of copyrighted material.
Everything found here, is 100% made by our staff.
Game trainer does not have any game content in it, therefore it is copyright by us and not by game developers.
Game modification (mod / mods) is add-on to a game and does not contain any copyrighted material in any way.


* You are not paying for mod / trainer / cheat, but for our time. It is complicated to write mods and trainers and it is very time taking.
Do not confuse contents with time. Trainer is just an easier way to do things, but it doesn't actually have any content. Think of trainer as of a voice recorder, instead of me talking on how to do certain things, i put it into an automated program and it does it for you. All the information that is used in our trainers and mods is freely available on
Knowledge Database and further discussions on how to do such things are on Forum. Trainer only contains information, not game content.

Updates vary, but in most cases our trainers are subscription based and with each purchase, you will receive 30 days of free updates. Updates are not automatic and you must contact out Support Desk in order to receive the latest version. If your order was made in less than 30 days ago, we will give you free update (we update your order so that you will get access to latest trainer). If your order is older than 30 days, you must purchase the product again to receive another 30 days of updates.
This is our main policy towards updates, but please keep in mind that special conditions may apply, if so, then it has been mentioned and explained in specifc product's description. Make sure to read product description before making the purchase.
We keep full rights to modify and change these conditions at any time and without any prior notice. Sometimes we decide to make a new trainer version with more functions, instead of updating the old one, in such case, 30 day subscription does not apply, in that case it will be considered as new trainer and not an update to old one.


* NO REFUNDS under any circumstances - we have no refund policy. if you are not sure about something, consult with us first by sending us a Support Ticket in our Help Desk. Once you have bought the item that is downloadable, then we can't offer a refund, because you have gained instant access to downloadable goods that cannot be returned. Make sure you read all the information about the trainer (product) before making the purchase. If downloadable item is not compatible with your system, then this is not our problem, each item (trainer, modification, savegame ..etc) has been tested on more than 1 computer and is 100% working. If it does not work on your computer, then this is not our fault. This is the risk you must accept before making any purchase on our Store.

* DISPUTES / CHARGEBACKS / CANCELLATIONS - Please keep in mind that if you file a dispute against the payment you made or open a chargeback with your bank, then your account, all products and services will be cancelled immediately (automatic cancellation is in effect). If you decide not to close the dispute / chargeback, then your account will remain permanently banned and you will not be able to make any further purchased from us and your information will be posted out in public in the scammer / hall of shame section on our Forum. So please think before doing such a shameful thing, our Support Desk is open 24/7, if you have any issues or questions, then send us a ticket and explain the situation.


* WE DO NOT take any responsibility if game developers patch the hack/s / cheat/s you have ordered from us. If it works at the time you get it and stops working later, that is not our fault ! Order at your own risk, do not come back later saying it was patched i want new trainer for free. Game hacks are not risk free, there is always risk that game gets patched. If possible, ofcourse we release updates, but not for free.

* WE DO NOT take any responsibility for what people can and/or will do with the hacks / trainers / modifications found on this Store. If someone uses our product to abuse a game or game server, we are not held responsible for this. We only provide our products so that people can have fun and do things that developers never made possible in the game.

* WE DO NOT sell any copyrighted material - ARE TRAINERS LEGAL? Cheats / Trainers / Modifications are not part of the game, therefore it is not protected by copyright laws. Everything sold here is 3rd party and not part of any copyrighted material in any way. Even cheats / trainers that give access to parts in the game that are not free (such as DLC or other paid content), it is still not same as selling game content, we are selling information only and that is not copyrighted in any way. We simply put our information inside a trainer, which is then executed automatically for the player / customer. Think of a trainer as a voice recorder, instead of us teaching everyone how to do this stuff on their own, we put all that information into automated program that does it automatically for people, so we only sell information in an automated form.
Even tho some games have a notice in their terms that it is illegal to modify the game, making and selling the trainer is still not illegal as it is your (user / customer) computer that is making the modification to the game and not us. Like explained, think of trainer as information or a guide for your computer that tells your computer how to modify the game, therefore legally we can't be held responsible for making and selling game trainers. You can also think of trainer as a tutorial on how to pick a lock. There are lot of tutorials on youtube on how to pick locks and it's not illegal to pick a lock, but it is illegal to pick someone elses lock. So in other words, regardless of what game companies may say, our software is not illegal as it's just an automated tutorial and does not contain any copyright material.

* Use at your own risk. If you get banned from a game because of using our trainers, cheats and/or mods, we take no responsibility and will not refund you the game or the purchased product. However we do make our stuff the way it is undetectable and put out a warning if it gets detected, but there is always someone who gets banned for the first time and there are also such haters who say that they got banned on purpose just to prevent others from buying. If one of our staff members gets banned, we will list it as 100% detected and/or make new, undetectable version. So please read description before buying or contact our Help Desk in case of a doubt.

* If you are using wrong game version and trainer / cheat / hack or mod, then most likely it won't work and it is your own fault for not reading the instructions before purchasing. You must carefully read the description of product and make sure that you have compatible game version. Some trainers / cheats / hacks / mods on this shop are made for older game versions only and not the latest version and some are made for more than one version of a game. it is very important that you first read the description and make sure that you have compatible version of a game. It is your (client / buyer) responsibility to check the game version and trainer description and make sure that trainer is compatible with their game version. If you have doubts, contact us in our Support Desk


Our and User Rights

1. We have right to terminate your account and services at any time without any prior notification.
- If this happens, you have right to contact our
Support Desk and request information regarding this.
- We do not  terminate anybody's account without a reason, mostly we only terminate the account and services if someone has tried to exploit / hack our website or opened a chargeback, however sometimes mistakes happen, for example there was one very disgusting person who kept on making new accounts and then disputing the orders, we then banned 10 accounts that were very similar to the original nasty person, in process we accidently banned 2 people who were not involved, in such case send us a ticket and we'll check into it, but it's very rare and should not happen.

2. We have right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice to our current customers. If this change happens, you are subject to our new Terms and Conditions, so before making each purchase, please make sure you have read the terms and conditions (in case there are any changes).

3. You have right to terminate your account at any point, but we do not provide a refund if you do so. Any and all payments made via our website are subject to our "No Refund" policy. Once you have purchased a product and terminate account afterwards, this will not grant you a refund.

4. You have right to send our software to anti-virus companies for scanning in case of a doubt, but please aware that you must mention to them not to run the software or you might risk getting your services / account banned from our website for sharing our software. It would be best to consult with us before doing so. We do encourage our customers to do so.

5. We have right to change any and all of our software at any point, without any prior notification.

6. We do not give any guarantees or warranties with our products, if trainer description says there will be updates available, but we decide to discontinue the product, then please do not complain. Sometimes it happens that game has been patched it is no longer possible to continue the product or it may happen that there is just no point updating certain trainers, for example if we take 3 trainers and put them into a +3 Combo trainer. If you have accepted these Terms, it means you understand this and will not complain if this happens.  


Copyright - Every downloadable content (trainer, mod, hack, cheat ..etc) is copyright by Sethioz Industries. By accepting these Terms and Conditions you (customer) accept that you will not share nor resell any of the content that you have bought from our Store. By sharing or reselling our content, you have violated our legal Terms and Conditions and your account and all services will be permanently terminated, your details will be posted out in public (IP, location, name, email, paypal ..etc) and we will come back at you with full blast. There have been few cases already where people have shared our content, one website that was sharing our trainers was hacked and taken down by us.
We take copyright issues very seriously, if you have doubts about what we can do, then feel free to check out our "Hacked / Owned" section on forum.
However keep in mind that you have nothing to be afraid of if you have no intensions of sharing our software or scamming us. We do not use nor share any of your details (Name, email, paypal ..etc), we take your privary very seriously, we just hate scammers who want to make profit from other people's hard work.

Exploit / Hack Warning - By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you accknowledge and accept that you will not try to exploit our Store in any way. If you (customer) try and exploit or hack our Store or damage it in any other way, we will deal with it in an matter you never believed possible.
Any hack / exploit attempt on our Store will have severe consequences. Do not be fooled, we have over 50 years experience (combined between staff) in exploiting / hacking field and we will literally fuck you up if you attempt to damage our Store. Our website is not unhackable, but neither is your stuff. Instead you could notifiy us of a bug if you find one.
There have been few cases where people think we are fools and trying to exploit the payment system, you can read about them
HERE on Forum and see how we dealt with them. 
Don't be scared of this message, because we keep your information private for as long as you respect our website and do not try to damage it or scam us. 
Respect our hard work and skill and we respect your private information, we do not share or use your information under any other circumstance.

ENGLISH ONLY - This website is english only, we do not support any other languages. We reply to english messages only, we will not respond to support tickets, requests, complaints or any other form of contact, if it's not in english. If you do not agree to this, then do not use our services. You don't have to speak native english, but you must speak english on understandable level and communicate with us in english only.

REQUIREMENTS - All of our software has been tested and works on Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 and should work on any other version of windows too. Any other platforms or operating systems are not supported (Mac, Linux, Dos, Android ..etc). These are general requirements, some of our software might be specifically for consoles (PlayStation3 or 4..etc), if that's the case, then it has been explained in product's description. Please read product's description before purchasing to make sure you meet the requirements, in case you have doubts, feel free to contact our Support Desk.



We do not take any responsibility for what people can and probably will do with information found and optained on this website. All of our research and software are for informational, educational and training purposes only. All the information is free and we do not sell any copyright content on this website. We only sell our own inventions, software and research and take no responsibility for what people do with this knowledge and software.
Lot of people think that game trainer is illegal, but it is not. Game trainer does not include any copyright material in it, think of a game trainer as a tutorial that teaches your computer to do certain things, it is user's computer that carries out the changes that are made to the affected program, therefore our software is simply a guide that tells user's computer how and where to do things.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time without prior notice to previous customers / users. We have the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time the way we see fit and needed.