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We are Elite group of  computer specialists and our first hacks were made for Alien vs Predator 1 in 1994-1995. Ever since I've had passion and interest towards game hacking and trainers, I've been pushing it to the limits and creating hacks that nobody else have ever managed to do. Even up to this day, I still hold the most unique hack ever made in Aliens vs Predator 2, it's called Wireframes and even up to this day it is still private and I have not released it to the public. You can see old video demonstrations here:

Among other hacks, I have made my unique and famous ammo type hack in many games, that nobody else has managed to do, you can see it here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YqUM0puSr4 - Online gameplay in AvP 2010 with ultimate pistol (shoots grenades, predator discs ..etc)
I have made this hack in many other games, such as Resident Evil, No Mans Sky, Division ..etc

Store - Official Sethioz Industries Trainers: https://sethioz.com/shopz2 - Here you find official Sethioz Industries Trainers only, either made by Sethioz or one of the trusted friends. All trainers found here are confirmed manually and do not contain any kind of malware. 

Market - Trainers by 3rd Party Sellers: https://sethioz.com/market - This is marketplace, where anyone can register and become a trainer seller, this means we do not regulate on what people upload there. Think of it as eBay for trainers. If you have problem with the product you receive via this Market, you must contact the seller directly (not us). However if seller is not cooperative or does not reply within 3 working days, then you should contact us via our Help Desk and we'll contact seller outselves to see what the problem is.



Every trainer, mod, tool, hack, cheat is exclusively made and published by us.
Everything is 100% tested and working. However things do happen, if you think you have found a bug, feel free to send us a Support Ticket at our Help Desk
We release lot unique hacks that you can't find anywhere else in the world, like color hack for NFS MW 2012, Wireframes vision for Watch Dogs or Ultimate Stats Editor for TDU2.


If you do not want to pay for any pre-made cheats and/or trainers and would like to make them yourself, then detailed information is available in my Knowledge Database  and its all free to read.
I also have various video tutorials on how to hack games and create trainers, you can see them in THIS playlist.

Test based Tutorials and Discussions are on our Forum
Learn and do it yourself if you don't want to pay for our efforts that we put into trainer and mod making.
It takes long time to learn the game code and protocol and map the hacks the way we do it, so you are not actually paying for the trainer, but for our time and effort to put trainer together.
1-2 days to write a proper trainer and 1 - 6 weeks to properly get to know the game code.
For example I (Sethioz) have spent about 6 months on learning how TDU2 works to make the hacks that I have and 1-2 months on writing trainers.

NOTE about reviews / comments - reviews will only show after they have been approved. This is simply a spam protection. If review is negative (negative, but not childish), then we will allow it. Reviews are not meant for complaining / support, we will not allow reviews / comments that are in question form, we have Support System for that, where you can post without any approval (however that doesn't mean you can act like a lemon there and it's only for customers or potential customers, not to ask us help with hacking, modding ..etc.)

Want FREE trainers or have trainer requests? You can do so via my Patreonhttps://www.patreon.com/Sethioz
If you want to request trainers or get access to free trainers, you must become "Special" tier supporter on Patreon and message me via Patreon.
Becoming a special tier supporter, will also give you access to free trainers!


Support System is availabel 24/7 and you usually get reply within hours. However Support System is strictly for customers only or for potential customers who want further information about our products.

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