Q. My trainer / download ..etc does not work! What should I do?
A. First make sure you have followed all the instructions on how to use the trainer, if you have taken your time and still can't get it to work, then use our Support System to report the problem and get more info, however this support desk is not for making requests or discuss game hacks with us. It is only for customers or potential customers who want to learn more about the trainer / mod / product before purchasing.

Q. Why are your reviews not posted instantly ?
A. Yes Reviews are set on admin approval because we are always having problems with spammers and haters, they keep spamming nonsense into reviews and asking stupid questions, review is no place for asking questions! Review is what it says .. REVIEW of a product -- you write your opinion about it, that's it. We do allow negative reviews, but only if it's done in a professional way, if you hate the product, give details and explain why. Some people just say "omg it costs money wtf" and leaves negative feedback, that's just idiotism and we do not allow that. Pizza costs money too, you can't say "omg this pizza is shit just because it costs money".

Q. omg you require admin approval for reviews because you're afraid that people reveal you have virus in there!?
A. No, as said before, it is because of spammers and haters, if you post a negative review and explain yourself, we will allow it. This is not about negative or positive, it is about spamming and haters. For example if you post "omfg you idiot this should be free" .. then ofcourse we will not allow it, this is not even review, that's just a hate comment and not even a review. Also we do not have any kind of malware in trainers, lot of anti-virus companies just list game trainers as malware, so that people would stop using trainers.

Q. How can I be sure there is no virus / malware in your products?
A. Because it would not make any sense to put malware into paid software, if we would want to spread malware, we'd give trainers for free and include keylogger or other malware in it (like lot of free trainer creators do it). Also we have good reputation and we don't want to ruin it by putting such things into our products, you are free to scan our stuff with all anti-virus programs (or use some online scanner), however some of them do give false positives (Norton is known trouble maker, Kaspersky however is good to go). Lately anti-virus companies are developing a conspiracy against game hacking and blacklisting everything that might be used to cheat in games. It is their way of fighting against cheating in games, they probably get paid by game developers. Everything on our Store is clean and safe and will stay that way, there won't be any sort of malware in them, ever!
Read more about Anti Virus False Positives

Q. Anti-Virus says there is virus in your product, what should I do??
A. There is no virus in there, it is false positive. Read more HERE - Just because anti-virus gives alert, does not mean it's a virus / harmful to your PC, some software is simply marked as "riskware" or some don't even say that, they just give some kind of signature, which can literally mean "it's a game hack". Lot of anti-virus programs use their own signatures that won't make much sense, such as like "Riskware_RD0x99" and when people see that, they panic and think it's virus, really it is NOT. If you look up that signature on google or ask from anti-virus company for explanation, you will realize what it actually is. Another commonly known false positive, is that game trainers use hotkeys, in order for a hotkey to work, trainer has to monitor for your keyboard inputs, which is similar to what keyloggers do, lot of anti-virus companies can't make a difference and simply list it as malware.

Q. How do I know that you will send the product once I have paid?
A. Because there's no reason for us to scam you, we include video demonstration with each product, showing you that the hacks / cheats are real and exist, it would make no sense if we would not send the product. However at this point we are manually confirming each order, as explained in Download Information  orders can take up to 3 working days to confirm, but are usually done within 10 hours. However if you feel like your order has not been confirmed fast enough, you can always send us a ticket via Support System, but it won't really speed things up, because if nobody is there to confirm the order, then nobody is there to check the tickets either. There's no need to worry, we check orders and support tickets at least once a day.

Q. I can't find any kind of contact form .. how do I contact you ??
A. If you want to contact us regarding our products on Store or regarding your order, then our Support System is open 24/7 and you usually get reply within 24h. If you have trainer / hack requests, then you can do so via my Patreonhttps://www.patreon.com/Sethioz by becoming "Special tier" supporter and then message me via Patreon.

Q. I don't want to pay WTF!? CAN I GET TRAINER FOR FREEE!!!???
A. That wasn't a question .. and if you don't want to pay, we're still nice enough to provide you all the information you need in order to learn how to hack games yourself. That information is FREE and available in our Knowledge DatabaseForum and on my Youtube. See for yourself how to do all that and very soon you realize that it takes more than 5 minutes to write a fully working and professional trainer.

Q. Why do I have to pay?
A. If you go to MacDonald's or KFC, do you ask the same? Do you ask "why do I have to pay??" In short, you don't have to pay. If you want any of our products, you can make it yourself, just like you can make home made hambugers and chicken or you can buy a ready made product! Just like in a fast food place, you either pay money to buy yourself a nice pizza or you can buy all the materials, read thru some guides on how to cook and make it yourself. It will be cheaper, but requires a lot more time, which most people nowdays do not have.
All the information you need to know on how to write trainers, is gathered across our ForumKnowledge Database and Youtube over past 15 years, so feel free to read and do it yourself if you think our products is not worth paying for .. see for yourself how many years it will take you to get on the same level as we are :)

I also have a Playlist with video tutorials.

Q. How do i know hack / trainer still works?
A. Every trainer / hack we release, will have specific version in description, telling you which game version is needed for it to work. There are exceptions and game developers can always target specific hacks and patch them, this happened in The Crew and GTA 5 Online, where developers patched certain money hacks that we made.

Q. How do I use Facebook Connect?!
A. Due the idiotic FB changes, we no longer support it.

Q. I have seen all those hack topics on your forum .. how I know I will be safe on your site?
A. Because we do not take advantage of our users/customers. However if any of our users / customers tries to hack our site or scam us, there will be severe consequences (you may get hacked, your personal information will be posted out in public ..etc - Demonstration of such counter-actions can be seen HERE)

Q. Why do you have NO REFUND policy?
A. Because once you have the product, it cannot be returned. Therefore you have the product and we have the money, we can send the money back, but how do we know that you will delete the trainer? We don't .. your word is not enough, there are too many scammers out there who want to try and get free trainers by pulling money back from paypal after they make purchase. PayPal has no refund policy towards digital goods, so there is no point even trying. Please take a look HERE for examples of what happens to those who have tried scamming us.
There are expections tho, if you have not downloaded the trainer (made purcahse by accident, which makes no sense) or if you order a product that is for example "savegame hack" and you must send your savegame first and then you realize you don't want it anymore, then in those cases we do refund. Just keep in mind that we SEE if you have download the file and used it or not, there's no point trying to lie about it. Every IP and request to our site is saved in a log. Even using a proxy has no use, because it is tied to your account.

Q. Why cant I get life time free updates?? I bought the trainer, but won't get updates???
A. Because we can't provide free updates for entire life. We would end up making trainer once and then rest of our lives we would have to work for free when people want updates, that's absurd and not possible. Best we can do, is provide 30 days of free updates. Every time game updates, we have to re-write the trainer and we can't do this for free. Sorry, but that's life. Nothing is free.

Q. But some trainers in internet are free and "better", why can't you make free trainers? How can they do it?
A. Omg it was explained 2 times already, but ok ok. Some people release "free" trainers with malware in it, something that records your keystrokes or steals your data, you might think it doesn't, just because they don't mess you up 1 day later, but that does not mean they don't have it. One case in 2009, which was in news, where 10000 hotmail accounts were posted out in public, full with passwords. Hotmail said nothing was compromised, but they're stupid. Those logins worked just fine and 10000 people lost their accounts, this is how they get them, they release "free" trainers and idiots like you, who do not want to pay, will fall for it. They use that info after 1-2 years, when nobody suspects. I mean .. you would not suspect a trainer if you get owned 2 years later. You wouldn't probably even remember that you used some free trainer around that time. But hackers never forget nor forgive.
Another type of "free" trainer is the type that has spamware and adware in the trainer, that shows you tons of adverts and some people will click on them, every click earns author money, so you see it is not "free". Those type of trainers also search your computer and browser cache for any email addresses and they will spam those emails with their adverts. Like the known Skype spam bots, that will send same spam message to EVERYONE in your friend's list, those spam bots work with every known messenger, including facebook. Imagine if your parents get some porn spam message from you? Because that's what happens with "free" trainers.
Our trainers are clean and do not go anywhere near your privacy.
We have earned our trust and lot of our customers know that they can trust our trainers and will not get malware into their PC. As said many times before, it would make no sense to put malware into paid content, if we'd want to spread malware, we'd do it the way that all those "free" trainer creators do.

If you still have any questions regarding our Store, then send us a Support Ticket on our Support System (keep in mind, this is strictly for customers only or if you have question regarding any of the products on our Store, this is not for asking help regarding game hacking or other stuff, all that goes onto forum)