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Trainer Requests and Subscription based free trainers are now available. If you want to receive monthly free trainers and also send us your requests for new trainers, then you can do so via my Patreon page here - https://www.patreon.com/Sethioz by becoming a Special tier Patron. If you like our awesome trainers and wish to further support us and in return receive free trainers + 1 trainer request every month, then please become "Special" tier supporter on my Patreon and then message me via Patreon to receive your rewards. Please note that we can't always guarantee that we are able to always make the trainer for the game you requested it for (some games have server side checks or fierce anti-cheat that bans you for any hack attempts ..etc), but we will always look into your request and update you on the progress.


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Professional and Quality Cheats / Mods / Hacks / Trainers:

With over 35 years of game hacking experience between us, our cheats, hacks, mods and/or trainers are most advanced and professionally made and unique compared to others (for example ammo hack in Aliens vs Predator 2010 is unique and never been made by anyone else in entire world)
Trainers found here are clear looking, fast and easy to use! no annoying ads or sounds included, just a trainer with simple hotkeys and/or buttons! Can't get any simpler than that + they look nice too.

Note - All trainers, mods, hacks and cheats are for PC games. We do not provide console cheats at this time.
If you have any doubts or questions, use our Support System to send us a ticket.

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