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Overview and News

  • Here you will find detailed information and tutorials about awesome stuff, like how to hack games or create trainers

or how to connect wii remote to PC, if you wish to discuss any of that, use forum

  • You will not be able to edit and/or create new pages, unless I have decided that you can be useful.
  • Over 4000 fake / spam users have just been removed and creating of account has been disabled now

There is no need for you to create an account anyway, this is informational knowledge base only.


  • Please consider Donating. This Knowledge Database (wiki) will always remain free to read and advert free, but donations are welcome. You can send donations to PayPal "admin at sethioz dot com" (remove spaces and replace at with @ and dot with .)

Donated money will be used to buy new games and hardware so that i can bring you better and more awesome videos, game trainers, tutorials and other awesome stuff :)

How does it work

  • There are no links or threads, only Articles.
  • Simply use the "search" box on the left.
  • This Encyclopedia uses precise titles and there is no misspelling in titles
  • Do not misspell or you will not find what you looking for.
  • If you looking for Cheat Engine, then do not type cheatengine. Type it, as it should be typed > Cheat Engine
  • If you do not find what you looking for, use my forum and post into Requests subforum
  • If you are looking for a specific game hack, then easiest way to find it, is to search for game title or short title
    for example "tdu2" or "test drive unlimited 2"

Registering and Features

  • This Knowledge Database is free to read, there are no hidden articles
  • Registering will give you access to more features, such as follow an article
  • Registering is free

Rules and Tips for creators

  1. When uploading files/images, please make sure you are not overwriting/replacing the existing ones. Once you browse and click on file to upload, wiki will automatically check for filename, if it is image, it will show the existing image, but in case of file, it only shows a small name, just make sure you are not replacing anything.
  2. You should really look below into credits and edit your own part if you wish to show your contact details.
  3. you should also make a page about yourself.
  4. Try not to make long text areas, because human mind remembers and handles the text better in smaller chunks.
  5. Always use exact titles (like Cheat Engine not cheatengine or cheat engine)
  6. Before writing an article, use the search about 3-4 times to make sure that it has not been opened under other article. for example Cheat Engine already exist, but CheatEngine does not, so make sure not to make double article.
  7. Use Level 2 Headline for explanations, like "Tutorial" part and such. it is that big A icon. or ==== on both sides of article, is the sub-title..use right formatting.
  8. Put your name under an article if it has not been finished, so others know who have wrote it and can contact you in case they need to.
  9. You are allowed to add "by yourname" or "written by yourname" under your article/s.
  10. Be neutral
  11. You are allowed to edit any article. If you think that it is missing something or that you can correct something, do it. If you see something not linked, link it.
  12. You do not need to link words more than once in your article. If you mention "something" once, then link it, if you mention it again, then do not link it, it would be too messy, but do how you like.
  13. DO NOT use external links directly. For example if you say Tsearch, then do not link to their official page, make internal link and in there you may put the external links where to get it.
  14. Before uploading any tools (like Phant0m plugin or such), check the upload log first to see if it's there.

Need anything else ? ask me. If you run into problems with editing, i guess google will help out, if you just do "mediawiki how to ....."

Credits and Contact

If you'd like to contact me, use my Forum
Administrator of Knowledge Database and Creator

[email protected] (do not contact regarding this Knowledge Database)
special thanks for helping with lot of things

[email protected]

  • If you are moderator/creator and not listed here, then list yourself, but do not make chaos. Use same formatting.
Contact any of the creators if you want to add or correct something.
Best way is to send detailed e-mail to one of the creators
Remember that it is not always best to contact Administrator
If you find an article that you wish to update
then check at bottom of that Article if it has author listed there
and contact author of that Article instead of Administrator


  • This Knowledge Database is for EDUCATIONAL, INFORMATIONAL and TESTING purposes ONLY!
  • I DO NOT provoke any hacking, cracking or any other illegal activity here. There are different forms of hacking. Game hacking is NOT illegal in any way, it can be considered as EDITING or MODDING not hacking.

EXPLOIT is NOT hacking or cracking in any way. Hacking does not count the game hacking and or editing.

  • Please DO NOT misunderstand the TERMS. ALL information, files, programs, images and videos found here are ONLY for EDUCATIONAL, INFORMATIONAL and TESTING purposes, it is not meant to be used against anybody or for stealing.
  • This Knowledge Database EDUCATES and INFORMS you of dangers, exploits and vulnerabilities that exist and helps you understand how they work and how to prevent those kind of things.
  • I DO NOT have any content that helps readers to hack into security systems. This Knowledge Database also DOES NOT contain any serials or cracks or any other illegal or copyrighted material, programs or anything else that is illegal or copyrighted.
  • ALL downloadable contents are freeware or trial and NOT protected by copyright. I do not take any responsibility for what visitors may do with this information found here.
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