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Unlimited Ammo Hack or also known as Infinite Ammo Hack is a hack where you give yourself unlimited ammo. If you shoot, then ammo does not decrease. This kind of an ammo hack does not work in most Multiplayer Games, but there are exceptions like Aliens vs Predator 2010 where it is possible to have unlimited ammo in an online gameplay.

There are two types of unlimited ammo hack

1. Unlimited ammo with reload
2. Unlimited ammo without reload

1. Unlimited ammo with reload means that if you shoot, then ammo inside of the weapon clip decreases and when it reaches 0 you have to reload, but ammo that is remaining and where you reload from, will not decrease. You are able to reload unlimited times.

2. Unlimited ammo without reload means that you are able to shoot continuesly as long as you want without running out of ammo. Exept in games where weapon have overheat. In those games you would have to wait when your weapon cools down, before you can shoot again.


There are variety of tools that can be used to make such a game hack. What is needed is one of the Memory Editors / Scanners and Debugger. Here is list of some good memory editors/scanners and debuggers. Stealth behind the tool means that this tool is not detected by most of the Anti-Cheat Programs.

Olly Debugger can also be stealth, if you are using Phant0m Plugin.

How does it work

Those tools are able to edit Memory of Game and will make changes to it. Game will load all the data from files, that are stored on your hard drive or on your dvd, depending on the game, into RAM. This is where these tools make the change, in the RAM so no changes are made to your game files. These kind of memory hacks need to be enabled each time game is restarted.


Unlimited ammo with Tsearch

This part shows how it is possible to make unlimited ammo in nearly every game. There are some exceptions, where it does not work using the default method, that part will be covered soon. You can use any memory tool that can scan for values. Here is used Tsearch for the tutorial part.

  • Open Tsearch
  • Run the game you want to hack
  • Now you need to open game inside of Tsearch, do to so, you need to do one of the following:
  1. Minimize game by clicking either CTRL+ESC or ALT+TAB
  2. Run game in window mode. If you do not know how, then look here Running Games in Windowed Mode
  3. Set hotkey inside of Tsearch to select the process, but it will not help you right now. This is covered in TSearch
  • Click on "Open Process" in Tsearch or the little drop down box on right side of the "open process" button


  • Open the game.exe you want to hack
game.exe is process of your game.
if you do not know the name of your game's process
then simply go into your game installation folder and check it
alternatively you can right click on your game's shortcut and click properties
then check the path to game 
  • Go into game and check the amount of your ammo and the type of the ammo counter

Types of Ammo Counter

  1. some games show ammo as 30/200, where 30 is the ammo you have currently in clip and 200 is the ammo you have left
  2. some games show ammo simply as 300. usually weapons that have no reload. like minigun, have such ammo, where there is no clip and ammo left, but one counter.
  3. in some games, you can only hack "in clip ammo" or "ammo left"
  4. in some games, you can only find the "total amount" of ammo. "total amount" is 30/200 = 230
  5. some games do not show ammo at all and show only bar or meter (flamethrower can be one of them)

in this case, see Finding Unknown Values first and then, if necessary, come back to this article.

  • Your ammo shows 30/500 in game.
  • This example teaches you how to hack ammo left (which is 500 in this example).
  • Go into Tsearch and start first search by clicking on the "magnificint glass" icon (right under open process)


  • Choose "Exact Value" type in 500 (amount of your ammo)
  1. 1 byte
  2. 2 bytes
  3. 4 bytes
  4. Float - The float type is stored as a four-byte, single-precision, floating-point number. It represents a single-precision 32-bit IEEE 754 value. It can represent positive and negative values. See Data Types for more detailed explanation.
  • Choose 4 bytes. Most games use 4 bytes, if you are unable to find ammo, then you should repeat this process using ArtMoney
  • With ArtMoney, instead of using specific type, you set it on ALL.
  • Now click OK button and wait until search finishes.
  • Click OK when search is done.
sometimes Tsearch bugs and will not show ok after search is done
if this occurs, it will say "cancel".
in thise case, wait little bit more to make sure search has finished
then click cancel, it will not cancel the search, it is just bug in button text.
  • Now go back into game
  • Shoot few bullets and reload.
  • Assuming you shot 5 bullets and reload, that will leave 495 bullets.
  • Go back into Tsearch and click on the "search next" button. It is the magnificant glass with ... at end (the next button from the first mag glass)


  • Window pops up saying "search next"
  • Input 495. You must leave everything else same as it was on First scan.
  • Now go back into game and shoot again, then reload. Go back into Tsearch and "search next" Keep doing this until you end up with 1-10 addresses (it says "Found : xxxxxxx" in RED under the search window)


  • Then click on the Green + Icon to add all addresses to the Cheat List


  • If you ended up with 1 address, then skip the next steps.
  1. If you can not get it under 4 - 20 addresses
  2. Once you have all added into Cheat List
  3. Freeze one of them. Click on the Check Box in front of the address.
  4. Go into game, shoot and reload, see if ammo decreased. if no, you are set.
  5. If yes, then freeze another one and test again, keep doing that until you find right address.
  • Now when you have found the right address, you can simply keep it freezed and you have yourself unlimited ammo.
  • However In lot of games when you restart the game or simply game has a loading point, then that address changes, this is where you need debugger.
  • In Tsearch click on "autohack" and "enable debugger"


  • Click on "AutoHack" and "Autohack Window"
  • Autohack Window will appear.
  • Unfreeze your address in case it is still frozen. (Uncheck the checkbox in front of the unlimited ammo address)
  • Right click your ammo address and choose "autohack"
  • Go into game, shoot and reload (do not do anything else like moving or jumping or changing weapon)
  • If your game crashes during any of the part where you need to use autohack then look here How to use Olly Debugger to find Breakpoints
  • Now look into the autohack window. You should see about 1 - 4 BreakPoints there.
  • Test the last breakpoint by checking the checkbox in front of the breakpoint (address).
  • Go into game and try shooting and reloading
  • If game crashed, then it means you got the wrong breakpoint
  • Start all over, except you do not need to search for ammo anymore, breakpoints does not change. However breakpoints might be different in another computer.
  • If ammo does not decrease, you have got the right breakpoint.
  • Now uncheck the breakpoint
  • Highlight it and click on the "TMK" button and choose "button script"


  • Window pops up which will show you the script you can use in EasyWrite Interpreter
  • Make new script in EasyWrite Inpterpreter by clicking the white paper button


  • If easywrite is not open yet, then press the big button at top saying "EasyWrite" (shown on picture above)
  • Now once you have clicked on New script button, a window comes up.
  • There you will write a simple script, which will look like this


offset tells EasyWrite to write on that address
0x will be used, because addresses are not always same lenght
using 0x will automatically fill missing places with zeros (0)
hex command tells to write the bytes onto the address
90909090 is the part you need to write there
40330094 is example bytes to set it back, you replace it what you see in TMK button
  • All you need to do is replace the offset (address) with yours (exept 0x) and also replace the 40330094 with yours, what you see in TMK button script.
  • Also you can make a hotkey as shown on picture to quickly switch on/off
  • Now with press of your hotkey, you can set it on and off
  • This can also be called Code Injection. EasyWrite injects custom code inside of game and executes it when user presses the hotkey button.

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