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  • Packet Sniffer is a tool that is used to monitor network traffic
  • Packet Editor is a tool that can be used to send and edit packets after they are captured.
  • Packet interceptor is a tool that can intercept packets in real time and modify its content before it reaches its destination

List of Packet Editors, Sniffers and Interceptors

Network adapter based

  • These packets editors / sniffers capture all the packets from selected network adapter. These will show every packet that is sent or recieved by the selected network adapter in the computer. that includes all the microsoft updates and game packets. additonaly filtering can be done to show packets from certain application, port, IP ..etc

Application based

  • These packet editor / sniffers / interceptors attach themselves to selected application

and capture packets only from that application. These are best for game hacking and making filters. These tools also have intercepting capabilites

Web based

  • These packet editors / sniffers / interceptors are designed to work with web browsers. These tools won't show packets in the list like others, these tools are designed to intercept requests and modify them before they are sent or recieved by / from user's computer. Even tho these tools are designed to work with web based, they act like a proxy server and it is possible to use them for other things too, such as PlayStation 3 hacking (see PlayStation 3 ( PS3 ) - jailbreaking, hacks and hacking )


  • These tools won't fit in other categories, but yet they do the same thing. Can capture packets, intercept and modify.

  • These are one of the best tools out there, that i have been using through the years. There are a lot more tools that do similar things.

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