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  • It is possible to hack every computer and console game, it is only matter of effort. Console Games are harder to hack. For example Sethioz have covered the PlayStation2 Game Hacking in his Forum, but hacking a computer game is quite simple. Simple hacks are where is changed a simple value that is shown on screen, such as ammo or health that have numeric / visual values. Little bit more advanced is to find an unknown value, this occurs in games that does not show Numeric Values, but have an Unknown Value instead (like a health bar). For example game shows lifebar or timer, but value is not shown directly. Timer does show numeric values, but it is not how it appears in game's memory, which means that the value is unknown (for example Timer can show 1:20 in game, but value can be 3849539232).
  • Hacking an single player game is even easier, because in some games you can edit game files. see Editing Game Files
  • Hacking an Multiplayer game is whole different thing. In multiplayer games it is not possible to edit game files like this, because when going online, game will perform file check and if the files have been changed, then player will be kicked out of server or not even allowed to enter (most likely player will not be able to join at all).


Useful Information


  • These tutorials are most common in game hacking. Showing how to make most common and famous game hacks.

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