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  • Test Drive Unlimited savegames and files decrypter and encrypter (tdudec) is a tool for decrypting and re-encrypting the files in the playersave folder of the user and the .btrq, .db and any other encrypted file of this game. Made by Luigi Auriemma.

  • tdudec is command prompt based tool and can only be used via command prompt. See Command Prompt for more info on how to launch programs via command prompt.

  • tdudec has been launched via command prompt
Test Drive Unlimited savegames/files decrypter/encrypter 0.1
by Luigi Auriemma
e-mail: [email protected]

Usage: tdudec <d/e> <input> <output> [type]

by default type is set to 0 for decrypting the savegame/playersave files,
use 1 as type for decrypting other files (like .btrq, .db and so on)


  • Following command is example of the usage:
tdudec <d/e> <input> <output> [type]
  • by default type is set to 0 for decrypting the savegame and playersave files

type 1 has to be used for decrypting and encrypting the non-savegame files, for example:

tdudec.exe d commondt.sav
tdudec.exe d 246_Dino_GT.btrq 1
  • BNK files are archives and cannot be decrypted directly, they need to be extracted first, using other tools, such as BNK Editor or TDU Modding Tools

  • For quick usage, can be made .bat (batch) file.
  • batch file can be made by using any text editor, then saving it as .bat file. here are few examples of batch files:
tdudec d TDU_AfterMarketPacks.db TDU_AfterMarketPacks 1
tdudec e TDU_AfterMarketPacks TDU_AfterMarketPacks.db 1
tdudec d tdu_carphysicsdata.db TDU_CarPhysicsData 1
tdudec e tdu_carphysicsdata TDU_CarPhysicsData.db 1


  • tdudec from Knowledge Database
  • tdudec from Luigi's site (recommended, because it will always be up to date)
  • Downloads contain source code of tdudec (C language source code)

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