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  • Now I mainly focus on Youtube, I have a gaming channel called The Sethioz Project and I have game hacking and science channel called Sethioz. Take a look and enjoy the awesomeness.
  • Here's a short list of other things I like to do. First comes computers, computer science, gaming, hacking, cracking, programming ..etc, there is nothing i can't do on a PC.

I also do MMA (mixed martial arts), I've been to Karate, Tae-Kwon-Do and Judo at some point in the past, but I found those "masters" lacking and stupid, so i practice on my own and make up my own moves and styles (which are harder to counter). I've also done Kung-Fu and Ninjutsu, i like those martial arts the most because of the lethality and effectiveness. Karate, Tae-Kwon-Do and such are more like sports than true martial arts.

I'm also very good race driver, I started racing Go-Karts when i was very young and ever since i've liked racing, no matter if it's in real life or games, I like to race! I've taken apart in illegal street races (in real life) and also in legal drag races, with cars that have around 700hp and I have never had a single crash/accident and I can also maneuver very well, to me it isn't just about racing cars fast, it is about being perfect in every aspect of driving. Apart from racing, I have also piloted a real helicopter, however I absolutely do not like 2-wheelers, i've never ridden a motorbike and I doubt I ever will. I've had my own race car too and I went to race track with it quite often.

  • Anything else? sure, i happend to be extremely good Sharpshooter / Marksman with firearms and bow-type weapons. I've even built a crossbow and longbow on my own, capable of shooting thru a tree! That crossbow was made of car's leaf spring and a snail-pulley system to load the bow, it had more power than some firearms. Using a handgun, I can hit a tiny mark (like a coin) from 100 meters away (yes i know, you can barely see the coin from that distance, but i can still hit it). Using bow-type weapons, i'm very good with angling the shot so that the arrow/bolt hits the target, maybe not on first shot, but once i get to know the power of the bow, i can easily do it. It isn't just in real life, i'm also very good sharpshooter in games, in fact games are where i learned all this. Games ain't that different from real life, if you understand the difference and are capable of adjusting the "controls", that in real life you're holding a weapon instead of mouse. Lot of people laugh and say games are for kids, but they're just some old farts who have never played games like ArmA 3 (or even arma1 and arma2), they do not realize that those games are military simulators and they have added most stuff into the game. Such as bullet drop, mil dot scopes, grid, range finder ...etc. If you can handle a gun in ArmA3, you can surely handle a gun in real life, only difference is that in game you do not have to take safety off, clean the gun ..etc. As i said, you have to adjust from game to real life, but most is same. If in a game you know weapon's bullet drop, then in real life it is same. If from a game you learn how to use mil dot scope, then in a real life it's exactly the same. There might be slight miscalculations, but it's not like anyone just picks up a real gun and shoots it just like a pro, you need few practice shots.
  • Science - I like all sorts of science stuff, including electronics and technology. I have built things like "Tesla Coil" (google if you don't know what it is), Laser (high powered, that is capable of burning stuff) and a real battlebot / robot (like in Robot Wars and such), it was basic, but had enough power to push a real car. I've also had experience with remote controlled vehicles and modified them in the past, so soldering wires and such is easy for me. Blah...well I like everything that isn't "normal". My PC Gaming area itself looks like it's a space ship.

Anyway that's enough, I can't bother writing about the boring stuff here :)

The Pentagram


  • Many say that Pentagram is symbol of Devil (satan), but they are mistaken. Pentagram has nothing to do with Devil/Satan. Right side up pentagram represents good ruling over the world and upside down pentagram (one that I use), means that Evil rules over the world.
  • I use this, because it is true, evil does rule over the world. I always bring medicine as example. Medicines and healthcare is very expensive, even tho it doesn't cost that much to produce medicine and cure people, for example operations that take less than 1 day, can cost over 20000 dollars, there is no way that using the equipment would use electricity worth of 20000, it is pure evil, because people who have the skill to do the operation/surgery, know that it is worth a life, so they charge you tons of money. Dieing person will pay as much as it takes in order to get the treatment, even if it means selling all property or even committing a serious crime in order to get that money. Now this is EVIL. This is why I'm using upside down Pentragram as my symbol, to remind everybody how real world takes place, that it is no fairytale, earth is Evil and Dark place.
  • Those symbols around the Pentagram also have meanings, they're 5 of the "7 Deadly Sins"
  • Bottom - Wrath
  • Bottom right - Greed
  • Bottom left - Pride
  • Upper left - Lust
  • Upper right - Gluttony
  • These symbols represent everything that is wrong with humans, most people get angry very easily and that turns into Wrath (rage). Greed is very common, look at those rich bastards, some people have billions and they still want MORE...for what? what exactly they do with all that money? do they ever realize that it is ENOUGH? Pride ...oh yes, very common, just look around. Lust is also very commonly spread, lust isn't exactly evil, however it depends of the lust. Gluttony is quite like greed, you just want everything, even tho you know you will never be able to consume it all, you still want it and then some.

I have chose my symbol carefully and based on real life events that have taken place around me, it isn't there just because it looks "cool" or because i'm Devil worshiper (which i'm not btw, but many say i am).

Gaming History

  • I started playing console games when I was 3-4 years old, starting off with NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and Sega consoles. Some of my favorite games were (and still are) Master Blaster, Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers (1 and 2) on NES, then Desert Strike, Urban Strike and Jungle Strike, Power Drive ..etc on Sega. and ofcourse the original Tetris!
  • Just few lines on how good I was back then, in Tetris i had a record of 534 rows (i did not pay attention to score, i only counted rows). If you think you're a hotshot, try playing Desert Strike, Urban Strike, Jungle Strike, Power Drive and Sonic series on Sega (Sega emulator and games are free, just google for sega roms and sega emulator). It isn't just about completing the games, in the Strike games (helicopter games, where you can also change vehicles in some missions), I mastered the games onto the level where i didn't take a single hit during whole game!

Power Drive? well I mastered that game so well, that i completed whole game without any crashes and collected all collectibles on the tracks. Sonic .. i knew all the secrets, i completed all the hidden stages and never took a single hit during whole game. Also Master Blaster on NES, i was able to complete it without taking a single hit and in some places it is nearly impossible to get past a place without taking a hit.

  • From consoles, I moved up onto PSX (PS1 - PlayStation 1), playing games like Destruction Derby 1 and 2, Tomb Raider series, GTA 1 and 2 and also around that time they started making quite good games for PC, like Wolf3D, Doom 1 and 2 ..etc. In Wolf3D and Doom 1/2, i knew all the maps from my head! I could have drawn a map onto paper from my head, including all secrets and i was able to complete both (Wolf3D and Doom 1/2) without dieing, on hardest level. Then stuff like PS2 and better PC games came along, however ever since Wolf3D i've been playing in a sniper style, i always went for the head, even tho in some games headshots had no effect.

When i played thru Tomb Raider series, at end i always had tons of medpacks and ammo, because i always used the worst possible weapon, saving the best weapons for something that never came, in other words Tomb Raider series was too easy for me and ofcourse i knew all the secret areas in all 5 games (only Tomb Raider 1 - 5 were original and good, then nonsense started).

  • Is it still a surprise for anyone why i'm that good in games? Back in the days, whenever i beated someone in a game, whenever it was splitscreen or online (games like Jedi Academy ..etc), the other person said something like "you're such a pro, i gotta learn a lot more to keep up" or "damn you're GOOD!" .. but nowdays whenever i go online, do like 5 headshots in a row, within 10 seconds or less, everyone who see it, say "FUCKING HACKER!" That's where gaming have gotten nowday kids, they suck big time and don't realize how much skill I possess. Even the "elite" players who play in clans and tournaments are still way below my skill, I don't even have to try, i can beat them with ease. Only person who gave me somewhat challenge was Torpedo in Sven-Coop (it's half-life mod), but I still always ended up with higher score than he did and he was a true gamer, he had won several tournaments and "clan wars" (i still have tons of screenshots of that game with me on top of scoreboard).


  • I have removed my contact info, because lot of people like to spam or ask stupid things (stuff that i have posted on my forum already or shown on my videos).

Also Known as

  • Sethioz Xyronic (Seth Xyron) - Unique and one of a kind.
  • Nitros Ghost Oxide (NGO, N>GO, N.G.O, N Oxide, NOxide, N.Oxide, Nitros G. Oxide. NGOxide) - This is my racer name, the Best there is, unbeatable in real life racing and in games. I have never met anyone who is capable of beating me in racing (arcade racing games not included). Names comes from old game called "Crash Team Racing", where there was Alien character called "Nitrous Oxide" and he was the best in the game, with fastest "kart" (he used alien ship to race). He was the best in that game and very difficult to beat, however I did it with ease, but I liked the style and since I never steal/copy any names, I thought I will be known as Nitros Ghost Oxide and 3 letter shortened name would be NGO, which is awesome.
  • Neo -The ONE- > this name has no meaning anymore. I only used this back in the AvP2 days and had a clan called "-Chrysalis-". This name was chosen, because of the hacks that i used in AvP2 (aliens vs predator 2) game, i had GOD Mode, flight and ammo hacks, that turned me into a complete Neo of AvP2, i was able to do anything and there was no way of beating me, just like Neo in Matrix.
  • Inferno Nightmare > I've used this between 2004 - 2007 in some games like Counter Strike Source, Half-Life ..etc, I chose this name because I was nightmare of the nightmares, no matter who i faced in the game, I always won. When i played Team Fortress for first time, I managed to beat Swedish TF Champion in first go! He had played it for 1-2 years and he was unbeatable, the TF Nightmare and i beated him in first try, even tho that was my first time playing TF. That's why i chose that name, he used to be real nightmare to other people.

Sethioz 00:57, 5 May 2010 (UTC)

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