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  • These are tools that can intercept Packets before they reach their destination, change their content and then forward them to their destination. By doing that, it is possible to hack several games and applications by fooling them to think that they have recieved something else from what was originally sent to them. For example if user writes word "blah" into MSN messenger and presses send, then one of these tools can intercept it and change it word "test" before it reaches the person on other side, so person will recieve word "test" instead of originally sent "blah".

Also known as

  • Intercepting Proxy / proxys / proxies
  • Interceptor proxy / proxys / proxies

List of Tools

  • These obviously are not all, but these are the most commonly used tools by many hackers.

Winsock Packet Editor Pro and rEdoX Packet Editor can be used to intercept data from any application, while other named proxys can only intercept data from applications that have proxy support built into them. Tamper Data, WebScarab, Paros Proxy and Burp Suite are mainly meant to intercept web traffic only. Traffic that is between your browser and the site you are browsing. Those proxys also have ability to hack web-based games. See Web-Based Hacking for more information.

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