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  • flashchatz is a tool made by Luigi on Sethioz's request for flooding tufat flashchat chatrooms. If used user or smiles flooding, it can easily crash web browsers of the chatroom users, which will force them to restart their web browser. This is how flashchatz looks like when it has been launched
Usage: flashchatz <attack> <URL>

1 = users flooding
2 = messages flooding
3 = rooms creation flooding
4 = smiles flooding
5 = join/leave flooding
6 = users flooding + bell

URL must be something like:
http://server/chat or http://server:port/chat
if you specify the .php file will be used that one:



  1. = users flooding
  2. = messages flooding
  3. = rooms creation flooding
  4. = smiles flooding
  5. = join / leave flooding
  6. = users flooding + bell
  • flashchatz can also create users if the chatroom is only for registered users, it will automatically create a user and logs in with it, making it impossible to prevent those attacks (except IP blocking).


  • flashchatz is a command line based tool and can only be used with command line commands. See Command Line Interpreter to learn how programs can be launched using command prompt (cmd).
  • this is example command to run flashchatz:
flashchatz 1 target.com
  • it is not needed to include http and or www, this would select attack number 1, which is users flooding.
  • if you are facing problem understanding the above method then copy flashchatz to your c: drive then click start>run>cmd and in cmd type the following code:
c:\flashchatz 1 target.com

Sethioz 19:13, 23 May 2010 (UTC)

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