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  • Dead Island also known as DI / D.I. / D.I / DIsland / D.Island / DeadIsland / DeadI / Dead.I
  • Dead Island is highly hackable and moddable game, allowing one to gain unlimited ammo, health, stamina, super weapons and other cool stuff that cannot be optained by playing legally
  • Forum discussion of Dead Island hacks is located HERE

Hacks / Mods Shop

Dead Island hacks / mods shop

Video Demonstrations

Available Hacks

  • There are endless possibilites on what can be done by modding game files, here is only list of tested hacks / mods.
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited Items / Medkits / Alcohol
  • Unlimited Money / Credits
  • General modding
  • Unbreakable Weapons
  • Unlimited Stamina / Stamina usage
  • Always critical hits / 100% critical hit ratio
  • Jump height
  • Health and Health Regeneration
  • Max Ammo
  • Levels Manipulation - I can make your character/s go up to any level you want, 100, 1000, 5000 and so on. based on that, i can add how fast you level, what skills you get, how much health player has, how much stamina player uses and so on. i can combine skills from other characters and make it level based. just make a request by email. I have NOT included tutorial, because there is no limit what can be done.


  • This section explains where to find what and how to modify in order to get desired effect.

Unlimited Ammo

Method 1 - using memory editor

With reload
  • See Unlimited Ammo Hack
  • This has been tested by using Cheat Engine
  • In this example "4 bytes" search type has been used
  • When player has 20 bullets remaining (not in the clip)
  • Searched is 20 on 4 bytes
  • Now it is needed to lose or gain some ammo, here is shot 2 bullets
  • Now remaining ammo is 18 and filtered is for 18
  • This process have to be repeated until there are 2 - 4 addresses
  • It is needed to change addresses one by one to find out which one is correct
  • Now that address can be breakpointed using Cheat Engine's debugger
  • Right click address
  • "find out what writes to this address" (new debugger window opens)
  • Go into game and shoot and reload
  • Now in debugger window one breakpoint shows up
  • Click on it and then click on button "Replace"
  • at end of the command replace "EAX" with "0xFF"
  • This will interrupt the code and ammo never decreases, while player is still able to collect more ammo
  • In Dead Island breakpoint is not static, which means that player has to do it each time when game has been restarted (see Breakpoints and NOP )

Method 2 - modifying game files

  • This method have not been tested yet
Without reload
  • See general file modding first
  • inside of "inventory_gen.scr" there are lines:
  • Where 9 is the amount of ammo that weapon has
  • This should be replaced with:
  • This gives unlimited ammo to current weapon
  • Each line should be changed to -1 to have unlimited ammo for each weapon

Unlimited Items / Medkits / Alcohol

  • See Basic Game Hacking
  • This has been tested by using Cheat Engine
  • This can be done by using any item as base item
  • If player has 10 alcohol bottles, then this is the amount to be searched using 4 bytes
  • Now player has to use one and filter for 9
  • Until right address has been found, then that address has to be breakpointed
  • Once breakpoint have been found, function has to be NOPed (see Breakpoints and NOP )

Unlimited Money / Credits

  • See Basic Game Hacking
  • It is needed to search for the amount of money that player has
  • Then gain or lost some money and filter for that amount
  • Once right address has been found, it can be changed to desired amount

General modding

  • There is a file called "data0.pak" located in \Dead Island\DI\ folder
  • Here is example path to data0.pak file:
F:\Games\Dead Island\DI\data0.pak
  • This file can be opened using WinRAR
  • data0.pak should be extracted using WinRAR into a folder of one's choice
  • Inside of data0.pak file, there is /Data/ Folder and inside of that are files that can be modified
  • It is recommended to extract /Data/ folder from data0.pak for easy access
  • Later files can be put back in the data0.pak
  • data0.pak is opened using winrar, then modified file/s can be dragged and dropped back into archive
  • Box appears, it is needed to click "ok"
  • Now modified files are in data0.pak
Note - if Dead Island has been updated, then it is needed to use a bypass to prevent crash with modified files
see below for crash fix / bypass

Crash bypass when using modified files

  • This bypass should be used with any Dead Island update (retail version does not require this bypass)

Dead Island crash fix / bypass

  • In order to use this bypass, Extracted /Data/ folder has to be zipped using WinRAR or WinZIP
  • Now crash fix can be used to create data0.pak out of the zipped /Data/ folder
  • Follow directions inside of readme file

Unbreakable Weapons

  • Follow general modding first
  • Now it is needed to modify two files named:
  • Inside of these files, there are lines:
  • This should be replaced with:
  • -1 will turn any weapon unbreakable, this has to be replaced for each weapon in order to

turn every weapon unbreakable.

Unlimited Stamina / Stamina usage

  • First follow General Modding
  • Once Data folder have been extracted, inside of that there is "Skills" folder
  • It is needed to open the following file with notepad++ (any other text editor can be used too)
  • Inside of that file, there are two lines that change overall stamina and can give player unlimited stamina
<prop n="MaxStamina" v="100"/>
<prop n="StaminaRegeneration" v="0.5"/>
  • Stamina Regeneration can be change to higher or lower value in order to get slower or faster regeneration of stamina
  • Max Stamina can be change to very high value in order to get almost unlimited stamina
  • Combination of very high max stamina and very fast regeneration speed will give player unlimited stamina

Always critical hits / 100% critical hit ratio

  • First follow general modding
  • Now inside of Data folder there are two files that can be modified to get 100% critical hit ratio
  • Inside of these files, there is line that specifies the ratio for critical hits:
  • This should be changed to
  • 1.0 means 100% critical hits / special hits
  • This also means that if weapon has special ability (mod), then it always gives the effect.
  • For example tesla sledgehammer will electrocute with every hit

Jump height

  • First follow general modding
  • inside of extracted Data folder there is another folder called "skills"
  • inside of skills folder there is file "default_levels.xml"
  • These files has to be opened using notepad++
  • The following two lines are controlling jump heigh:
<prop n="JumpMaxHeight" v="85"/>
<prop n="JumpMinHeight" v="85"/>
  • These values can be changed to the desired value
  • 250 is pretty much maximum height player can fall from without taking fall damage

Health and Health Regeneration

  • Follow general modding first
  • inside of extracted Data folder there is another folder called "skills"
  • inside of skills folder there is file "default_levels.xml"
  • This files has to be opened using notepad++
  • Inside of that file, following lines control health and health regeneration
<prop n="HealthRegenerationStartTime" v="0.1"/>
<prop n="HealthRegenerationMaxLevel" v="90.0"/>
<prop n="HealthRegenerationSpeedInStand" v="200.0"/>
<prop n="HealthRegenerationSpeedInWalk" v="200.0"/>
<prop n="HealthRegenerationSpeedInCrounch" v="200.0"/>
<prop n="HealthRegenerationSpeedInCrounchWalk" v="200.0"/>
<prop n="HealthRegenerationSpeedInSprint" v="200.0"/>
<prop n="HealthRegenerationSpeedInKnockDown" v="200.0"/>
<prop n="MaxHealth" v="100"/>
<prop n="BaseMaxHealth" v="100"/>
<prop n="BaseCriticalHealth" v="10"/>
NOTE - these are already modified lines, not default
these values will give player extremely fast health regeneration in every position
  • Simply follow what the line says and change as desired

Max Ammo

  • Follow general modding first
  • inside of extracted Data folder there is another folder called "skills"
  • inside of skills folder there is file "default_levels.xml"
  • This files has to be opened using notepad++
  • Inside that file the following lines specify how much ammo player can carry:
<prop n="MaxAmmoPistol" v="50"/>
<prop n="MaxAmmoRifle" v="60"/>``
<prop n="MaxAmmoShotgun" v="20"/>
<prop n="MaxAmmoSniper" v="15"/>
  • These can be changed to desired values
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