• Metal Gear Solid The Phantom Pain +19 Trainer v1.2

Outdated. Will be updated this week to (1.06)

Trainer Options

1. Infinite Health - Never Die

2. Infinite Ammo/Grenades - Never run out of ammo or grenades/items.

s. Infinite Silencer - Silencer never brake.

4. Infinite Item Usage - Different items (like Camouflage) will never run out.

s. Infinite Rocket Arms - Never run out of battery.

6. No Reload - You never have to reload.

7. Infinite Parasite Armor - Armor will never brake.

8. Freeze Mission Timer - Freeze Timer on all the missions that has one (Including target practise)

9. Instant Development - Everything finishes instantly.

10. Infinite DWalker Ammo - You will never run out of ammo for D-Walker

11. Reset Evil Stat - Remove that annoying "Devil Snake".

12. Infinite Heroism - Sets your heroism to max.

13. Infinite Resources - Gives you about 200000 of every rescourse in the game.

14. Change Time Of Day - Change the time of day.

15. Increase GMP - Increase/Decrease your GMP by 100000 to your liking.

16. Set All Units To Level 99 (Temporarily) - This will level up all your units to 99, after activation you have to either level up or down by moving

some staffs to another unit. You can then upgrade all you want. And then deactivate the option to level down again.

New in 1.2:
No Recoil
100% accuracy
No Weapon Sway
Instant Voltage Charge (DWalker)

Feel free to contact me on the forum for any problems or question! :)


Update 1.2 Demonstration:

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Metal Gear Solid The Phantom Pain +19 Trainer v1.2

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