• Forza Horizon 3 Trainer/Skill Booster 1.0


1. Skillbooster (earn really fast XP)

2. Always First in races.

3. Teleport To Waypoint.

To use the skillboost:

1. Stand completly still

2. Activate Skillboost

3. Enable Skillboost

4. Hold CTRL+Space bar for a few seconds and fly up gaining a lot of xp.

5. When you feel that you have enough, turn off Enable Skillboost and fly back down.

Always First:

Just activate it whenever you want and always get first (This game handles race position using race timer, so when you use this you will complete the race in 0 seconds).

To Teleport:

1. Activate Teleport

2. Place your waypoint on the map where you wanna go, directly after move your waypoint to another place.

3. Press Numpad "," to teleport!

NOTE: Since i play this game offline, I'm not sure if you can get banned so please don't use this online.

Don't forget to rename XaneXXXX_sys.dat to (sys.dat)

(Place sys.dat in same folder as trainer or else it will not work)



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Forza Horizon 3 Trainer/Skill Booster 1.0

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