Seller Terms & Conditions


By accepting these Terms and Conditions you accept that you have read and understood the information below. By using our Seller Service you are subject to these Terms and Conditions, if you do not accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions, then you are not allowed to sign-up as Seller.

By registering as Seller, you will be responsible for the content you upload and sell. We do not take any responsibility for your content.

REQUIREMENTS for you (The Seller):

1. You must provide contact information for customers, customers must be able to contact you regarding your products and you must reply to customers within 72h, if you fail to do so, we have full right to terminate your account permanently without paying out the remaining payments. Customers are able to contact you through email by using the Contact Form on your profile, they will not see your email directly, email will be sent through website, but you will receive it on your provided email, so make sure you provide valid email. You can freely list your email on your profile or any other type of contact.

2. You must provide a valid PayPal account where you want to receive payments, if you have not provided valid PayPal during Seller registration, we do not take any other requests and we won't pay onto bank accounts. If you fail to provide valid PayPal during Seller account registration, it may happen that you will not get paid for your products. You can change your PayPal at any time, so please make sure you have valid PayPal on your profile at all times.

3. You must agree and understand that you are not allowed to upload any copyrighted material onto our website, this includes game files and content. If you have permission to do so behalf of game (or any other) comapny (for example a legal mod for game), then you must provide that information to us). If you fail to follow this step, your account can be permanently banned and if requested by authorities we will give out your full information to them. We do not take responsibility for your copyright violations.

4. You must be 18 or above or have legal guardian / representative. If you have representative then he/she must be aware that you are using Sethioz Industries Market to sell your products and is willing to take full responsibility for your content and actions.

5. You must provide fully detailed description in english on how and when customer receives the ordered product. If you upload a file with your product, then customer will receive instant access to the product after payment is completed, if by some reason order stays as "Pending" then it is not your fault and we will deal with that problem. In any other case, it is your responsibility to make sure that customer gets the purchased product.

6. You must follow our product listing rules:
- Your product name must start with Game name (if you are selling game trainer / hack / cheat / mod). For example if you are selling Trainer for Test Drive Unlimited 2, you must list it as "Test Drive Unlimited 2 +10 Trainer" or if game is known, you can use short term such as "TDU2 +10 Trainer", but do not make up your own short terms, such as "WOT" which was suppose to be "World of Tanks" If game name is short, use the full name please. This is very important as customers often use search and search for "tdu2 hacks" so if your trainer does not have proper name in title or description, you have lost a potential customer.

- Your product must be in correct category. Please mind "The" in front of game names, for example "The Crew" goes into T Category and not C (We might enable you to list products in multiple categories, but it would be a loophole for spammers).

- You must provide at least 1 image of your product and preferred format would be 200x100 (200 width / 100 height).
- It's not necessary, but strongly recommended to add embedded video tutorial / demonstration of your product (or link to your video). If customers see your product in action, it encourages them to buy it.

7. You are not allowed to list any digital content that is:
- copyright (music, game content such as DLC...etc)
- illegal by law (fake ID scans, child porn ..etc)
- lessons or jobs (for example - will give private programming lessons)
- all your products must comply with EU laws.

8. You are not allowed to advertise on our Market. This is flexible depending on the "advert" but this is no place for adverts, this place is for Sellers who truly like to sell their digital product. You are allowed to list your website / youtube / other profile in your Seller Profile, but you are not allowed to spam links in product description, like "buy full version here" "more info here", you must keep everything on this website and not ask people to leave the website. You can simply mention "check my website for more" and list website in your Seller Profile, but you are not allowed to put the link in every trainer description, this is considered as spamming / advertising.

It is also possible to contact us and request a video upload to Sethioz Youtube channel for promotion, but in that case you must include Sethioz logo on your video, it must be in 1080p HD and can't contain any copyright / public music, either custom soundtrack or no music (with game sounds or commentary), contact Support for more info.

Note - If you fail to follow our Seller Requirements then we can (and most likely will) block your Seller account. Depending on severity of violation, we may unban you and you can continue to use our Market without pentalty (if you list multiple products without proper description, we may ban you until you contact us and sort it out, after that you can continue to use it), in some cases we may keep all the funds as penalty (for example if you fail to provide your product to customer and we have to refund it, then there will be penalty)

We pay you through PayPal (paypal you provided when signing up as Seller), you are able to see your sales and current balance under your Seller Account

We have 30 day waiting period before we pay out any funds (if anyone buys your product, then funds will become available for withdrawal after 30 days from the point of purchase), this is to protect our customers and sellers for fraud and scam and minimum allowed payment is 5 EUR or equivalent in other currency and this amount can be changed by our staff at any point without prior notifications to the seller. It is highly unlikely that we set this limit over 10 EUR, most likely it will remain 5 EUR.

In order to request payment, go to Request Payment area in your Seller Account and select how much you would like to withdraw.
- There is 5eur minimum payout limit
- There is 30 days waiting period before you can request payments
- Your withdrawal request will be manually completed within 72h (but please do not panic if it takes longer, usually we do it within 24h tho). In future we plan on making this automatic and instant (when your products sell, you get paid, if customer opens dispute, you will have dispute on your paypal too).

- Currently there is no signup fee for sellers, but in future we may add a small signup fee to prevent fraud and spam.

- Anyone signing up as Seller will receive 65% share of their sales + 0.5EUR fee on every order (why? because paypal takes their own % off of each payment and if order is 1EUR, then paypal will take about 0.5 EUR from it, so this fee is to cover the paypal fees). For example PayPal takes 

- If you are known seller and making good sales and think you should get higher commission from sales, feel free to contact our Support regarding this, we will review your sales and account and consider giving you higher commission. Highest commission we offer is 85% + 0.5EUR on each sale (Might offer 90% on some special occasions)

- What do I need to do to get higher commission? You need to have constant sales, if your product costs 100 EUR and you make 1 sale per month, then you have lower chance of getting higher commission than having a product that costs 5 EUR and making 20 sales per month. So in other words, the higher your sales count, the better chance you have of getting a higher commission. However we also check if there have been complaints / disputes, if there are complaints about your product/s, then most likely we won't give you higher commission. This also means, if we give you higher commission and then people start complaining that you have not fulfilled their order, then we might drop your commission back to 65% (lowest limit).

PayPal Fee Examples:

Product Costs 5 EUR and Customer makes payment of 5 EUR, this is how it looks like on PayPal:

Total amount:  €5.00 EUR
Fee amount:  -€0.57 EUR
Net amount:  €4.43 EUR

90% of 5 is 4.5 - 0.5 = 4 EUR so seller will earn 4 EUR and we keep 0.43 as fee.

- Your product must have a price of at least 1EUR (or equivalent in other currency).
- You must own a valid PayPal account (if you plan on getting paid for your products)
- Payouts will be sent in EUROS, so you must accept EUR currency on your paypal.
- Uploaded files must be .zip, .rar, .jpeg, .jpg, .png or .txt formats only and will be limited to 5mb per file / product.
- You can list unlimited number of products, but please do not spam! (if any spam is found, your account will be permanently banned).

This Market is in beta state and we have all the rights to change any Terms and Conditions as we see fit without any prior notice to our Customers or Sellers.
Website may experience bugs and errors, if you believe you have found a bug that we are not aware of, send us a Support Ticket and describe the issue.
We have the right to terminate your Seller Account at any time without any prior notice and without paying out your current balance (this may occur if you fail to follow the Seller Requirements).

Known Bugs:
- We have issues with the text formatting in product description, on some reason custom text formatting (such as colors, bold ..etc) might not always show.
In order to fix this, add the text formatting before you finalize your text. For example if you want sub-title to be colored, then write just 1 letter, set the color to that one letter and then finish writing the word. If you apply the color / text formatting as last thing, it might not save the colors. Same thing when editing your description, you also have to make text changes for the colors to show.

If you have any further questions or need help as Seller, please contact us by sending a Support Ticket