Delivery / Download Info

Every product on this Market will have its own terms and conditions, so please read carefully about the product you are buying. We take no responsibility if seller does not deliver the product, in that case please report the seller to our Support and we will be investigate and ban that seller from the Market if necessary, this is best we can do. However if you are in doubt, contact the seller before purchase and before complaining to our support, please contact the seller and try to sort out the problem. You should contact our support as last resort.

We can't refund if seller does not deliver, we are not responsible for our sellers and can't refund their mistakes, use this market on your own risk. Before purchasing, you should check how many sales the seller has and checking product reviews is also good idea. There are also verified sellers (who are in partnership with Sethioz Industires or has been confirmed to be valid sellers). You can find list of Verified Sellers HERE

Market is setup in a way that you will get instant access to downloadable items (applies only if Seller has product under instant download), but you must consult with Seller if you are in doubt. Sellers are allowed to provide manual downloads for their content, so you must follow their instructions and please read description of each product. Some products might be custom made for the customers, so in that case, seller should have details regarding the delivery, so once you make the payment, you don't get instant access and instead you must provide details to seller so that they can send you the product you ordered. Once again, please read product description before making the purchase and if it's still not clear, then feel free to contact the seller.


If you have purchased a product with successful transaction, but your order status says PENDING, then please contact our Support immediately and let us know. You must provide your Order ID + PayPal email (email that you use with paypal and where you made the purchase from). This is needed so that our admins can check the order from PayPal and confirm that payment was completed.
This process may take up to 72h, so please be patient if this happens, there's no need to go crazy over it.

Why this happens?
This happens rarely, but about 5 out of 100 orders will have the pending status problem, there is nothing we can do about it, problem is in the verification system that is between paypal and our server, sometimes verification simply does not reach our website or is marked as invalid / scam and as result you will have Pending status. Read more HERE