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By accepting these Terms and Conditions you accept that you have read and understood the information below.

By using our website (Services) you are subject to these Terms and Conditions, if you do not accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions, then please leave this site immediately.

BEFORE PURCHASING - Please read the trainer / product description, it is for your own good. Lot of people have bought trainer for wrong version of the game and then they rage in the support that trainer does not work. If you have any doubts, then please contact the seller and ask them about the product.

Software / Product usage Policy:
This is a multi seller Market, so please see every product's usage policy and terms for more information. Please do not contact us (the admins of Market) regarding products listed on this Market, we can't help you. You must contact the Seller and ask for further info if necessary..


* NO REFUNDS under any circumstances - we have no refund policy. if you are not sure about something, consult with us first by sending us a Support Ticket in our Help Desk. Once you have bought the item that is downloadable, then we can't offer a refund, because you have gained instant access to downloadable goods that cannot be returned. Make sure you read all the information about the trainer (product) before making the purchase. If downloadable item is not compatible with your system, then this is not our problem, each item (trainer, modification, savegame ..etc) has been tested on more than 1 computer and is 100% working. If it does not work on your computer, then this is not our fault. This is the risk you must accept before making any purchase on our Market.


* WE DO NOT take any responsibility for the products / software that our Sellers can list here, if you have found anything wrong with the product, please contact the Seller first. If product contains a possible malware, we will investigate, but we take no responsibility for the damage that software may cause. Use at your own risk and buy only from trusted sellers.

* WE DO NOT take any responsibility for what people can and/or will do with the hacks / trainers / modifications found on this Market. If someone uses our product to abuse a game or game server, we are not held responsible for this in any way. 

* WE DO NOT sell any copyrighted material. Cheats / Trainers / Modifications are not part of the game, therefore it is not protected by copyright laws. Everything sold here is 3rd party and not part of any copyrighted material in any way. Even cheats / trainers that give access to parts in the game that are not free, it is still not same as selling game content, it is selling information only and that is not copyrighted. We simply put our information inside of trainer, that executes the information for the player / customer. Think of a trainer as voice recorder, instead of us teaching everyone how to do this stuff, we put all that into automated program that does it for people, so we only sell information in an automated form.
If you find a seller that has copyright material in his product / software, then please contact us immediately and we will investigate and ban the Seller if necessary.

* Use at your own risk. If you get banned from a game because of using our trainers, cheats and/or mods, we take no responsibility and will not refund you the game or the purchased product. However we do make our stuff the way it is undetectable and put out a warning if it gets detected, but there is always someone who gets banned for the first time and there are also such haters who say that they got banned on purpose just to prevent others from buying. If one of our staff members gets banned, we will list it as 100% detected and/or make new, undetectable version. So please read description before buying or contact our Help Desk in case of a doubt.


Our and User Rights

1. We have right to terminate your account and services at any time without any prior notification.
- If this happens, you have right to contact our 
Support Desk and request information regarding this.

2. We have right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice to our current customers. If this change happens, you are subject to our new Terms and Conditions.

3. You have right to terminate your account at any point, but we do not provide a refund if you do so. Any and all payments made via our website are subject to our "No Refund" policy. Once you have purchased a product and terminate account afterwards, this will not grant you a refund.

4. You have right to send our software to anti-virus companies for scanning in case of a doubt, but please aware that you must mention to them not to run the software or you might risk getting your services / account banned from our website for sharing our software. It would be best to consult with us before doing so. We do encourage our customers to do so.

5. We have right to change any and all of our software at any point, without any prior notification.


Copyright - Every downloadable content (trainer, mod, hack, cheat ..etc) is copyright by Sethioz Industries. By accepting these Terms and Conditions you (customer) accept that you will not share or resell any of the content that you have bought from our Store. By sharing or reselling our content, you have violated our Terms and Conditions and you will be permanently banned, your details will be posted out in public (IP, location, name, email, paypal ..etc) and we will come back at you with full blast. There have been few cases already where people have shared our content, one website that was sharing our trainers was hacked and taken down by us.
We take this very seriously, if you have doubts please feel free to check out our "Hacked / Owned" section on forum (you must be registered on forum to access this area)
However keep in mind that you have nothing to be afraid of if you have no intensions of sharing our Products. We do not use or share any of your details (Name, email, paypal ..etc), we take your privary very seriously.

Exploit / Hack Warning - By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you accknowledge and accept that you will not try to exploit our Store in any way. If you (customer) try and exploit or hack our Store or damage it in any other way, we will deal with it in an matter you never believed possible.
Any hack / exploit attempt on our Store will have severe consequences. Do not be fooled, we have over 50 years experience (all together) in exploiting / hacking field and we will literally fuck you up if you attempt to damage our Store. Our website is not unhackable, but neither is your stuff.
There have been few cases where people think we are fools and trying to exploit the payment system, you can read about them 
HERE on Forum and see how we dealt with them. 
Don't be scared of this message, because we keep your information private for as long as you respect our website and do not try to damage it or scam us. 
Respect our hard work and skill and we respect your private information, we do not share or use your information under any other conditions.



We do not take any responsibility for what people can and probably will do with information found and optained on this website. All of our research and tools are for informational, educational and training purposes only. All the information is free and we do not sell any copyright content on this website. We only sell our own inventions, software and research here and take no responsibility for what people do with this knowledge and software.
Lot of people think that game trainer is illegal, but it is not. Game trainer does not include any copyright material in it, think of a game trainer as a tutorial that teaches your computer to do certain things, it is user's computer that carries out the changes that are made to the effected program, therefore our software is simply a guide that tells user's computer how and where to do things.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time without prior notice to previous customers / users. We have the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time the way we see fit and needed.