About SI Market

This is Sethioz Industries Market Place (SIMP). A place where you can sell and buy digital content. Anyone can register as buyer / customer and if you meet the Seller requirements, you can register as Seller.

This market is focused, but not limited, to game trainers, hacks and mods. However this market is strictly limited to digital content only and you are not allowed to sell any physical content on this Market, if you'd like to provide a physical item with your sale, you are welcome to do so, but you are not allowed to charge people for physical content. We do not deal with shipping, all deliveries must be made through internet.

What's allowed?

Everything that does not conflict with Europe internet laws, is allowed on our market. This means, you are not allowed to sell any copyright material (game cracks, soundtracks..etc). You are only allowed to sell your own creations or products that does not have legit copyright on them. We do not recognize fake copyrights, this means that if someone says "I made it, it's mine, copyright by me", that does not make it copyright. We only recognize copyrights that can legally be proven by showing the papers.
So anything that is not copyright, you are allowed to sell here (Must comply with Europe internet laws too).

What's not allowed?

You are not allowed to sell products that conflict with Europe or USA digital content laws, such as copyrighted material (soundtracks, game cracks ..etc), this also includes child porn and similar things that are not allowed by EU and USA laws. Seller will be fully responsible for the listings, we take no responsibility if seller lists a product that conflicts with any of the laws. As our servers and staff are EU / US only, we do not recognize any other country / continent laws. If you live outside EU and US and in your country something is allowed, but it's not allowed in EU and/or US, then it makes no difference, we follow Europe and US laws only, so please respect that and do not upload / sell anything that conflict with those laws.

Everyone is welcome and I hope everyone will have a good time here and find what they are looking for.