Privacy Policy

* Your information (email, name, address ..etc) will be kept safe and private and won't be shared with anyone else or used for anything else. We do not use your information for any sort of spam or advertising, however we might send you a newsletter or promotional offers. Your information is used strictly within this website only and will not be revealed to any 3rd parties or friends. We take privacy very seriously and won't share any info.

* We might use your information to contact you if there is reason to do so, very unlikely, but possible.

* This website does not send you any automatic newsletters, spam, adverts ..etc. If you receive any sorts of automatic email/s, then contact us immediately > Support System and include the original email you received from this website.
However you will receive automatic notices upon events, such as if you send us a support ticket, you will receive automatic response that ticket has been received or if you make an purchase, you will get automatic confirmation email that your purchase has been made and you will see order status and details there.

* If you abuse the system, then we will post your details out in public. for example if you try to hack our site and/or Store or try any other stupid things. like advertising your stuff on our site or reporting to paypal that you did not receive item, while you clearly downloaded it or trying to scam money back. To all of those who try this, PayPal has NO REFUND policy when downloadable goods are involved, so you will lose the case instantly (see paypal's buyer protection).

* Sharing of any hacks optained from Sethioz Industries Store is strictly forbidden. Your account will be banned and details posted out in public if sharing infraction have been detected. Warning to all of those who think we are like rest, we're not. I (Sethioz) do a lot of googling and check if any of our stuff is being shared without our permission. There will besevere consequences if sharing infraction have been detected, if you don't belive me, believe the examples you can see HERE
Instead of trying and share without our permission, contact us and see if you can be in partnership with us (we could pay you commission fee for sales ..etc).

Note that you do not have to enter your actual address and phone number upon registration. We have simply left the fields and have not had time to remove them as they're hard coded into the system. you only need valid email and paypal for a successful order. So you can enter 00000000 as phone and "private" as address if you do not feel comfortable with giving your actual info, however real info does help in case there are issues with the order, it helps us confirm the order faster and better.

However we do not take any responsibility if your information gets exposed duo the security vulnerability. It is very unlikely that this happens, but every system is vulnerable.


Exploit / Hack Warning - By accepting this Privacy Policy, you acknowledge and accept that you will not try to exploit our Market (website) in any way. If you (customer / user) try and exploit or hack our website or damage it in any other way, we will deal with it in an matter you never believed possible.
Any hack / exploit attempt on our Market / Website will have severe consequences. Do not be fooled,  our staff has over 60 years experience (all together) in exploiting / hacking field and we will literally fuck you up if you attempt to damage our website. Our website is not unhackable, but neither is your stuff.
There have been few cases where people think we are fools and tried to exploit the payment system, you can read about them HERE on Forum and see how we dealt with them.
Don't be scared of this message, because we keep your information private and respect you for as long as you respect our website and do not try to damage it. You respect our hard work and skill and we respect your private information, we do not share or use your information under any other condition. This notice is here because i've had it with those foolish kids who try and exploit the website with obviously non-working methods, like using packet editors to try and change final amount on payment page before it is sent to paypal and think they will get something for 0.1. Payment goes thru, but access to product will be denied, there are checks between paypal and site for such occasions. Or some fools trying to bruteforce my password, I assure that it would take you well over 100 years to even get close to my password. I (Sethioz) been bruteforcing passwords for years and when choosing my password I have considered the fact that someone might try and bruteforce my password. Same with other security measures. There might be holes here and there, but as said, any hack attempts on our website will have severe consequences (you are free to test our site's security, but you must notify us before you do that).