Returns / Refunds

As part of our Terms and Conditions, we do not support any sort of Returns or Refunds unless stated otherwise by Sellers. If Seller is willing to provide a Refund, we will fulfill their request. Please do not open paypal disputes and request for refund, because we can't help you there. If Seller has faulty product, we can't help, you must contact the Seller and try and sort the problem with them.

Please note that PayPal has no refund policy towards digital goods / downloadable programs, opening PayPal dispute will not help you, they won't give a refund either. So please behave and try and sort things out with Seller.
If seller does not want to help, then best we can do is ban the seller permanently from our Market, but in this case we still won't provide a refund.

However, we have given refunds under special circumstances.
1. Do not open paypal dispute
2. Do not cry and whine over your own stupidity
3. Put some effort towards your issue and try to solve it, don't just whine like a kid
In one occasion, it happened that seller went on vacation, but did not disable his products. As result, someone purchased the product and seller was unable to fulfill the order, he waited about 1 week and then contacted our support and explained the situation. Our staff then contacted the seller and waited 3 days, he did not respond. Then our Staff offered a refund, as clearly it was seller's fault. Customer did not open a paypal dispute, he waited patently and explained situation nicely. In such occasions, we might give a refund, but please do not complain if we decide not to give a refund.

Please note that opening a paypal dispute does not help, it shows disrespect towards us and in such occasion, we won't give you a refund.
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