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Virus alert - why is there trojan / virus in trainer / mod ?


No need for panic, this is conspiracy by game developers and anti-virus developers. They add non-sense signatures as virus, trojan or some other malware just to scare little kids away from game cheats (hacking, exploiting..etc).


A good example is
almost all tools made by Luigi give an anti-virus alert, because some idiots like "Kaspersky" have added Luigi's name as virus signature. Means that any program / tool containing Luigi's name will be filed under a virus or some other malware.

They do this, so people would think it is a virus and would stay away from such tools and game cheats.


I assure you, our trainers, mods, hacks, cheats ..etc are 100% malware and spyware free. 
Lot of our trainers have been made using "cheat engine" and lot of anti-virus programs detect cheat engine as malware, not because it is, but to scare kids away from cheat engine, so they think it is a virus and they would never use it. Cheat Engine is known to be the base for at least 50% of game hacks worldwide.


Soon anti-virus programs won't have much use, because you can't tell if it is a real virus or false positive that was put there on purpose to scare people away.
There are lot of false positives now days.
Norton is most likely to give you false positives. 

There is NO NEED to send us a support ticket if your anti-virus finds something wrong with our trainers. They are 100% clean and safe to use. While in other hand, cheathappens and similar trainers do have spyware built into them.
You can use virus scan websites, such as to scan and see what they say. 

Instead you should contact anti-virus company and tell them about the false positive. you are allowed to send them trainer.exe file for examination if you wish (it will not run in their computer because of the copy protection, but it will be enough for them to do the scan and find out that it is false positive).

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