Review of a cool looking Transparent USB3.0 HUB

Let’s take a look at Orico’s transparent 4 port USB 3.0 HUB! It looks cool and once powered on, it has a bright blue LED under it, give it a cool underglow effect. It can look really cool on your table, however personally I find bright LEDs distracting when gaming or watching TV, so I wouldn’t have it around the area where it gets in my eyes, otherwise it’s cool!

For more details, check out the video review:

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Review of a cool wireless 360 Controller for your PC!

Here’s review of EasySMX 360 controller that works on PC, PS3 and Android. It has cool looks, nice anti-slip grips on both sides and it’s also Wireless!
What can i say, it’s very simple, plug and play controller. Works straight out of the box, well apart from the 2x AA batteries which are not included. Insert 2x AA batteries, plug the USB dongle into your PC and goooo!

Note – Remember that inserting the USB dongle in a USB hub will result constant disconnects or controller might not work at all, this is a common mistake that lot of people make, you must insert the USB dongle directly into your PC! Also sometimes USB 3 port doesn’t work, so make sure you’re using USB 2 port, it’s important, as lot of people are doing it wrong and then complain that controller doesn’t work or disconnects.


That said, check out the Review video below:


Overall, this is excellent controller for your PC / PS3 or Android. I highly recommend this for racing and flying games, it makes it so much easier to drive and fly in games than with keyboard and mouse.