Which of these 3 Mechanical Keyboards is Best?

3 Different companies, 3 different mechanical keyboard, but which one is the best? What are the differences, pros and cons?
We have the following keyboard:
EasySMX Mechanical Keyboard
Aukey KM-G3 Mechanical Keyboard
Reidea KM06 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

So here we have 3 review videos and basic key featuers brought out for you, in case you don’t feel like watching all the videos.


This keyboard is meant for typing, but works also for gamers.
It uses blue switches, they’re loud, but give you good feedback, which is great if you’re typist.

Purchase on amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01M2D7FGD

– Cheapest of them All
– Comes with a comfy palm rest
– Suppose to be water proof? (spill proof)

– LED colors cannot be changed (only on / off and breathing / constant on modes)


Aukey KM-G3

This is a generic use keyboard, it works for gamers and typists, but is more meant for typing than gaming.
It uses the blue switches, which give you excellent feedback, but are very loud.

Purchase on amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/B01FLZ7DVM

– LED Colors can be customized
– Cool LED effects (wave, flash, single color ..etc)
– Plug and Play (no driver needed to change colors ..etc)
– Most compact design
– Cool brushed metal finish

– Most expensive of them all

Reidea KM06

This keyboard is designed for gamers, but works well for typing too.
It uses the silent red mechanical switches, red ones need least force to push them and make least noise.

Purchase on amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01M1O05R0

– Fully programmable (all buttons can be programmed)
– LED colors are fully customizable (each key can be different color)
– Epic LED effects (such as matrix code style coloring)
– Comes with software (needed for advanced programming of keyboard, colors, functions..etc)
– Macro support (you can program macros onto keys)

– numlock / scroll lock / caps lock LEDs are too bright, they sting in your eye really bad, I had to put a sticker over them to dampen the effects. It really is BAD, it’s blinding you when gaming.


So which one is the best of them all? Well this is the whole idea of this post, they’re all different. If you’re a gamer, then Reidea KM06 is the way to go, it has lot of cool features, such as programmable keys.
All of these keyboards meet the basic gamer needs, such as “win key lock” and “anti ghosting”.
If you’re a gamer, then I strongly recommend the Reidea keyboard, but if you’re working in office or home on a job that requires you to type a lot, then EasySMX keyboard is way to go for sure, it’s cheapest of them all and palm rest makes it better for you to type. However if you do little bit of both, if you’re just a casual computer user, then I recommend the Aukey’s keyboard. It has the functions such as backlight customization, which is important in gaming, as sometimes wrong colors can reflect off the monitor or well, most gamers just want their keyboard to look awesome and fit with their setup. Aukey keyboard can do just that + blue switches makes it really cool to type on, they’re just bit too loud if you’re a gamer, they will get into your microphone and you can hear them through your headset, so it’s suitable for casual gamers only.

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