Noontec – Hammo TV Premium Quality Wireless Headphones

Let’s see about a wireless headphones for a second here
Specially designed for TV, but they also work on mobile devices via bluetooth or on PC via audio jack ain’t that great?!

Untested, but it is said to have up to 50 hours of play time, but this highly depends on the volume you are using.
Still totally worth it, very comfortable ear muffs and super quality.
Suitable for gaming, but i would not recommend it as primary gaming headphones, but no doubt still very great choice for entertainment purposes.

The good things worth saying in highlight

  • Up to ~50 hours play time
  • Comfortable even for longer term use (This is often very important to quite many people )
  • Good Quality ear muffs
  • Premium Quality
  • Fancy Station?

Check out the Video review below!