Small / Mid-Size Quadcopter Drone REVIEWS

Here we review 4 drones in 1, they’re all small to mid-size drones. Those are the drones which can be flown inside and outdoors.
First I’m going to list the drones and complete review videos (if you want more details about them) and I will list pros and cons and then make a final verdict on those drones, let’s get started!


Aukey MoHawk

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This is the cheapest drone out of all 4 listed here. Mohawk is a scary name, no surprise there that it can lift the most weight.
It comes with a 780mAh battery, giving you around 7-8 minutes flight time. However this drone is only one that does not hold altitude on it’s own, you must adjust the thrust yourself with left analog. Left analog doesn’t “spring back” to neutral position, it keeps it where you put it, so you could set it to hold thrust, but thrust doesn’t mean it holds altitude. So you need moderate skills to be able to fly this without accidents.
Does not include a camera, however it does have different sockets for a drone camera. I think it’s best looking drone out of these 4, I can’t decide, the HS200 looks cool too.
This drone doesn’t have propeller guards either, which is a step down for sure, however propellers are quite sturdy and can take a punch, so don’t fly it in your face, it can really hurt!
Comes with usual stuff, such as 360 flip ability, 1 push return (which is useless) and headless mode (which is useless too).
It’s also very sensitive, if you have the skill, this drone is best for agile flying.

Parrot Blaze Night Drone

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This is the smallest and lightest drone of them all, also most durable if you ask me. This drone does not have a stand alone controller, it can only be controlled via smart phone or tablet by using their Parrot app. Drone has very sturdy and good design, propellers are just pushed on, no screws. This also means something they fly off if you crash, but i think it’s better, because if they are too sturdy, they’d just break off, which would be bad. This drone can take a beating for sure.
Also this drone has headlights (bright LEDs). It’s very stable, however I find app controls worse than controller, because you have no physical feedback if you are pushing any buttons or not.
This drone is lot of fun and I recommend this for the ultimate beginners, as it can take a beating and is very easy to control.
This drone’s special feature, is that you can use a special take-off mode, where you can throw the drone out of your hand and it automatically corrects itself and starts hovering, you can literally throw it (first you must activate the function tho). You can see it on the review video!
So that said, i think this is best for first time fliers.

Holy Stone F181C Chaser

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This is a semi-pro drone with loads of features and stand alone controller that has a LCD display on it.
Drone comes with propeller guards and landing gear, which need to be screwed on, making the initial setup bit time taking. Drone has awesome LED lights, under and in front (in windshield). It has the usual 360 flip, 1 push return, headless mode ..etc features.
This drone doesn’t look much, but it handles like a dream, very easy to fly.
Also this drone comes with a 720p camera (records audio too), however it’s not a good quality camera (seen on video).
It also includes a 4gb micro SD card, you can take photos or record a video (via controller).
This drone also comes with 2x 750mAh batteries and 2x USB chargers, so you can have 1 battery charging while flying or you can charge drone + extra battery at same time.
On top of that, it includes a micro SD to USB adapter, so you can transfer your videos / photos to your PC with ease.
I think this drone has the coolest controller, but drone itself doesn’t look that good.
Camera is lightweight and detachable and can be used on many other drones (semi-universal).
I guess this drone’s special function, is that you can turn the lights off to save battery, it won’t help much, but might give you 1 extra minute of flight time .. or for those stealthy sneak ups 🙂
This drone is suitable for beginners.

Holy Stone HS200

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This drone has really awesome looks, it’s very similar to F181 Chaser, but has more features and is slightly harder to control (bit more unstable).
Let’s start by saying that this drone has a 720p WiFi camera, meaning you can connect to it via smart phone or tablet and see the live feed, however don’t get too excited, it has a good 2-3 second lag, so it’s not suitable for flying via the live feed camera. It’s only good for taking good shots and videos when flying, so you can see what drone sees. Unlike the Chaser’s camera, this one does not record audio.

Assembly of drone is very easy compared to Chaser, as landing gear and propeller guards does not require any screws to be used, you just push them in and make sure they’re tightly in place, but be careful that you don’t break any of the cog gears or blades in process!

This drone also comes with the highest price tag, yet with smallest battery, only a 650mAh battery. I think Parrot has 550 or 600mAh actually, but well Parrot is a lot smaller, so 550mAh is a lot more for Parrot than 650mAh to this. HS200 and Chaser are about same size and weight.
You can also control this drone via smart phone app called “Deerc FPV” or you can use included controller.
Camera’s feed can be broadcasted via WiFi to your phone / tablet and then you can use the included mount to mount your phone onto the controller, quite neat!
I think this drone looks cool, however it could have the front windshield as LED, would be EPIC crazy cool look 🙂
Also this drone doesn’t have the lights off function like the Chaser, small battery, lights always on + wifi on = 5 minutes flight time or even less, which is BAD. I think it should have at least 750mAh battery, it can easily carry 1500mAh battery, so no idea why they put so small battery.
Drone is easy to fly, not as easy as Parrot or Chaser, but close to it. So it’s suitable for beginners.



Final Results

If you are looking for a cheap drone, then Aukey MoHawk is for you, but if you’re looking for easy to fly drone, then Parrot Blaze will do the job (requires smart phone / tablet). Chaser and HS200 are in between, however Chaser and HS200 have the most features and they both have included 720p Camera.

Good thing about Chaser, HS200 and MoHawk, is that they all use same battery type, which is 3.7v LIPO battery. So if you own more than 1 drone, you can swap batteries according to needs.
You can also use Chaser and HS200 camera on MoHawk. In fact MoHawk drone has 4 different camera connectors, while others have only 1 and Parrot doesn’t support camera at all.

So which is BEST drone? Well there’s no such thing as best drone. They’re all good in their own way.
I think Chaser is weakest of them all, blade design is very flimsy and it feels like they might break any second. Parrot has flexible blades, which can take a beating, while MoHawk has very sturdy blades, which can do some damage to surroundings and HS200 is in between of Chaser and Mohawk.

They’re all suitable for indoor and outdoor use, they can all do a 360 flip with push of a button. So you have to decide which drone to go with, depending on what you are looking for to do with the drone.

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