REVIEW of Fitfort budget 4k Action Camera. WORTH IT?!

This time I’m taking a look at this budget range 4k action camera. Right off the bat, I was quite impressed with it already. Unlike all the other action cameras I’ve reviewed, this one comes in a travel case! Everything is already fit inside, no additional packages included.

So the case includes a camera itself with waterproof case, 1 extra battery, remote controller (for taking pics and videos) and all the usual universal mounts and clips.
I strongly recommend watching the Video Review as it includes far more details than you can put in words. Video also includes quality test, microphone test and ofcourse underwater test, proving that it’s 100% waterproof!

Also the camera supports mobile app, which can be used to record a video, take photos and also allows you to download videos off the SD card (on camera). On video review, it’s shown how to setup the app and use it.

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  • Comes with travel case
  • Includes 1 extra battery
  • Comes with remote controller
  • LCD display on back
  • Supports mobile app
  • Records in native 4k (3840 x 2160 @ 25 fps)
  • Good Microphone quality for a camera
  • Can be used as dash cam (loop recording)
  • Cheap for a 4k Camera



  • Does not include SD card
  • When using app, you can’t record higher than 1080p
  • Only 25fps when recording in 4k

Worth It?

As you can see, the Cons list is really small and they’re not really cons that would drag the rating down. Just had to mention them. Considering that this camera is in the cheapest 4k range and it includes a travel case and extra battery, I’d say it’s totally worth it! Quality is nothing special, even in 4k it’s not as good as my 6 year old Sony handycam, however quality is still good, better than any other action camera I’ve reviewed so far. If you’re curious, the bitrate is about 70000 on raw files, which is very high compared to normal videos. iPhone X has about 100000 bitrate in 4k 60fps, but only reason it has higher bitrate, is because of the 60fps. Compared to iPhone X video quality, i’d say this camera is slightly better, however it can only do 25fps. It could be 30fps.

Anyway for this price, this camera is totally worth buying! You get more than you pay for.

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