Mechanical Chroma Keyboard + Hard Mouse Mat REVIEWS

So here we take a look at the ACGam Mechanical Chrome Keyboard and a hard mouse mat with Chroma lighting.


Let’s start with the Keyboard, I think first it’s better to check the video review here, from unboxing to testing:

If you want a quick overview of the keyboard, then here are the key features.

  • Fully Programmable (single keys, macros and each key lighting)
  • Has really awesome looks (black, with chrome trim / edge)
  • Has lot of lighting effects (about 40 or so, via software only)
  • Blue switches (clicky – good feedback for typers)
  • Has anti-ghosting
  • Has windows key lock (or you can disable the key completely via software)
  • Numlock, CAPS lock, Scroll lock and Win lock LED colors are all different (red, green, blue, pink)
  • Each button can have 2 lighting effects (1 color when key is up and other color when you press the button)
  • Replaceable keycaps

It’s perfect for typists, but will do fine for gaming too. Personally I don’t like clicky keys for gaming as they get into microphone and you can hear them through headset, but if you’re not bothered by the clicky sounds, then it’s perfectly fine for gaming.

Buy it on amazon:



Now let’s take a look at the ACGam gaming mouse mat. As usual, here’s a video review for those who want to see it in detail

So this mouse mat is amazin, because:

  • It’s quite huge 350x250mm
  • Hard material (you can’t bend it, so it’s suitable for un-even or soft surfaces)
  • Anti-slip padding underneath
  • Smooth coating
  • LED lighting around edges and on logo
  • Touch sensitive button on top (changes through 7 colors and 2 effects)
  • Powered via USB (you can use PC or USB power adapter)

Very simple mouse mat, but it makes your PC setup look so much better, it’s suitable for office or gaming. By using the button on top, you can change the colors (only 7 color options) and also 2 chroma effects, where it flashes through the different colors (so called chroma)

Personally I don’t like the smooth surface of the mouse mat as it makes my mouse too sensitive / twitchy. When i try taking precise shots in games, mouse often twitches a bit, but it’s matter of preference. I’m used to the mouse mats that use soft surface, so that mouse won’t slide that well on it.
However this mouse mat is still cool.

You can get it on amazon:

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