DBPower U818A Quadcopter RC Drone REVIEW & TESTING

Let’s take a look at DBPower I8181A RC quadcopter. You should really check out the video review as it shows every little detail + flight test (which cannot be explained in words). However if you just want a quick overview, then see below 🙂

Video Review

Buy on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01H750NXY

This drone comes with a 720 Wireless camera and a 4gb SD Card for video recording. You can connect to this drone via smart phone or tablet and then control it (flight, camera ..etc)
However it also has a stand-alone controller which is highly recommended for flying, as the app controls are not that good.
Camera quality is quite decent, it could use a stabilizer tho. Flight time is about 6-9 minutes.


  • Has a 720 wireless camera with live feed
  • Comes with 2 batteries
  • Can be controlled via smart phone app or standalone controller
  • Propeller guards are extremely good (better than on any other drone i’ve seen so far)
  • Easy to fly (stand alone controller)
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Comes with 4gb SD Card


  • Can’t start video recording via controller (must use app)
  • No way to turn off Wireless (to save battery)
  • Live feed only works within 5 meter radius, any further and feed start to lag very bad (rather useless?)
  • Controlling the drone via app is quite hard



This drone is quite good for beginners and camera is surely a good addition, but is there really any point in the live feed? I mean sure it’s good to know what drone sees to get better footage, but after 5 meters it starts to lag real bad and worst thing is that you can’t even start video recording via controller, you must use app and using wireless drains the battery and reduces flight time.

However drone itself is quite solid and propeller guards are really useful for beginners and when using controller, it’s very easy to fly (if you have common sense). Maybe bit pricey, but it’s a decent drone.

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