REVIEW of Ludos Flamma 10000dpi Gaming Mouse

Ludos Flamma, sounds flammable! This is an awesome gaming mouse, with programmable buttons and RGB LEDs. It uses nice smooth silkish rubber coating and anti-slip scroll wheel.

For more details, take a look at the video review below

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ROCCAT NYTH – Modular MMO Gaming Mouse

Roccat Nyth is a highly adjustable mouse with ability to replace macro keys as you see fit even make your own 3D printed parts what i personally consider very fancy perk,

It offers quite a package of macro keys and profiles with very promising software to adjust it all to your personal preference along with slight light effects.

Quite some people said that the “Swarm” program is rather buggy tho i have not experienced any issues at all in fact it is probably the best macro software on mouse i have yet tried.

It Offers 18 buttons + 39 functions with Easy-shift tech & Swappable side grips (Yes! you can actually swap the side grip!)

The Good things

  • Modular ( Buttons / Side )
  • Great Software + (A lot of settings)
  • Fairly Light
  • Suitable for FPS & MMO

The Not so good things

  • Slightly Fragile
  • Price is bit Salty around 120$ + –

If you don’t mind paying Premium price this would certainly be a very good option for MMO mouse.

Tech Spec

  1. Twin-Tech Laser Sensor R1 with up to 12000dpi
  2. 1000Hz polling rate
  3. 1ms response time
  4. 50G acceleration
  5. 3.8m/s (150ips) single axis / 5.4m/s (212ips) both axis
  6. 16-bit data channel
  7. Adjustable lift-off distance
  8. Adjustable click accuracy to mitigate against minuscule movements
  9. Tracking & Distance Control Unit
  10. 72MHz Turbo Core V2 32-bit Arm based MCU
  11. 576kB onboard memory
  12. Zero angle snapping/prediction
  13. 1.8m braided USB cable

Redimp GM200 – Fully Programmable 4000dpi Optical Gaming Mouse

So let’s take a look at Redimp GM200 Opt gaming mouse

So first thing you should know if you are Mac user then this mouse is bit waste if you want to program the buttons.

It has few profiles and different lighting per profile what is quite nice tho usually is present in most mouses that have macro buttons.

On a strange thing  the Macro software did not come with mouse and you will have to download it manually so you can program the keys to your liking.

Honestly there’s not much to say about it due to fact we’re talking about fairly low budged mouse but If you want few “macros” for a cheap it may be a viable solution 🙂

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Mechanical Chroma Keyboard + Hard Mouse Mat REVIEWS

So here we take a look at the ACGam Mechanical Chrome Keyboard and a hard mouse mat with Chroma lighting.


Let’s start with the Keyboard, I think first it’s better to check the video review here, from unboxing to testing:

If you want a quick overview of the keyboard, then here are the key features.

  • Fully Programmable (single keys, macros and each key lighting)
  • Has really awesome looks (black, with chrome trim / edge)
  • Has lot of lighting effects (about 40 or so, via software only)
  • Blue switches (clicky – good feedback for typers)
  • Has anti-ghosting
  • Has windows key lock (or you can disable the key completely via software)
  • Numlock, CAPS lock, Scroll lock and Win lock LED colors are all different (red, green, blue, pink)
  • Each button can have 2 lighting effects (1 color when key is up and other color when you press the button)
  • Replaceable keycaps

It’s perfect for typists, but will do fine for gaming too. Personally I don’t like clicky keys for gaming as they get into microphone and you can hear them through headset, but if you’re not bothered by the clicky sounds, then it’s perfectly fine for gaming.

Buy it on amazon:



Now let’s take a look at the ACGam gaming mouse mat. As usual, here’s a video review for those who want to see it in detail

So this mouse mat is amazin, because:

  • It’s quite huge 350x250mm
  • Hard material (you can’t bend it, so it’s suitable for un-even or soft surfaces)
  • Anti-slip padding underneath
  • Smooth coating
  • LED lighting around edges and on logo
  • Touch sensitive button on top (changes through 7 colors and 2 effects)
  • Powered via USB (you can use PC or USB power adapter)

Very simple mouse mat, but it makes your PC setup look so much better, it’s suitable for office or gaming. By using the button on top, you can change the colors (only 7 color options) and also 2 chroma effects, where it flashes through the different colors (so called chroma)

Personally I don’t like the smooth surface of the mouse mat as it makes my mouse too sensitive / twitchy. When i try taking precise shots in games, mouse often twitches a bit, but it’s matter of preference. I’m used to the mouse mats that use soft surface, so that mouse won’t slide that well on it.
However this mouse mat is still cool.

You can get it on amazon:

Which of these 3 Mechanical Keyboards is Best?

3 Different companies, 3 different mechanical keyboard, but which one is the best? What are the differences, pros and cons?
We have the following keyboard:
EasySMX Mechanical Keyboard
Aukey KM-G3 Mechanical Keyboard
Reidea KM06 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

So here we have 3 review videos and basic key featuers brought out for you, in case you don’t feel like watching all the videos.


This keyboard is meant for typing, but works also for gamers.
It uses blue switches, they’re loud, but give you good feedback, which is great if you’re typist.

Purchase on amazon:

– Cheapest of them All
– Comes with a comfy palm rest
– Suppose to be water proof? (spill proof)

– LED colors cannot be changed (only on / off and breathing / constant on modes)


Aukey KM-G3

This is a generic use keyboard, it works for gamers and typists, but is more meant for typing than gaming.
It uses the blue switches, which give you excellent feedback, but are very loud.

Purchase on amazon:

– LED Colors can be customized
– Cool LED effects (wave, flash, single color ..etc)
– Plug and Play (no driver needed to change colors ..etc)
– Most compact design
– Cool brushed metal finish

– Most expensive of them all

Reidea KM06

This keyboard is designed for gamers, but works well for typing too.
It uses the silent red mechanical switches, red ones need least force to push them and make least noise.

Purchase on amazon:

– Fully programmable (all buttons can be programmed)
– LED colors are fully customizable (each key can be different color)
– Epic LED effects (such as matrix code style coloring)
– Comes with software (needed for advanced programming of keyboard, colors, functions..etc)
– Macro support (you can program macros onto keys)

– numlock / scroll lock / caps lock LEDs are too bright, they sting in your eye really bad, I had to put a sticker over them to dampen the effects. It really is BAD, it’s blinding you when gaming.


So which one is the best of them all? Well this is the whole idea of this post, they’re all different. If you’re a gamer, then Reidea KM06 is the way to go, it has lot of cool features, such as programmable keys.
All of these keyboards meet the basic gamer needs, such as “win key lock” and “anti ghosting”.
If you’re a gamer, then I strongly recommend the Reidea keyboard, but if you’re working in office or home on a job that requires you to type a lot, then EasySMX keyboard is way to go for sure, it’s cheapest of them all and palm rest makes it better for you to type. However if you do little bit of both, if you’re just a casual computer user, then I recommend the Aukey’s keyboard. It has the functions such as backlight customization, which is important in gaming, as sometimes wrong colors can reflect off the monitor or well, most gamers just want their keyboard to look awesome and fit with their setup. Aukey keyboard can do just that + blue switches makes it really cool to type on, they’re just bit too loud if you’re a gamer, they will get into your microphone and you can hear them through your headset, so it’s suitable for casual gamers only.

ASUS Cerberus Led Backlit Gaming Keyboard

We have a Asus gaming keyboard to poke at  ASUS Cerberus Led Backlit Gaming Keyboard.

There’s no video review about it at this moment.








  • Full SECC metal plate – Rugged durability
  • Splash-proof design with drain hole – Protects against spilled liquids
  • 12 macro keys  ( More about that later)
  • Fully rubberized feet – Enhanced friction for strong movements
  • Cheap Price


  • No software (all modifications reset upon disconnect)
  • Learning curve  to use the keyboard to its full potential

What does the keyboard package contain:

  • Manual
  • Warranty Guide
  • Keycaps
  • Bag of candy ( yes.. good ol gummy bears! don’t expect to get em tho )

If you really want to have a keyboard with simple macro usage Don’t buy this one
Because you will be very disappointed and annoyed by it all over prolonged time!
If you just want a keyboard that’s nice to use without  actual need for macros  this is really nice keyboard  for you then.

Reidea Mechanical Chroma Gaming Keyboard

So we have a Mechanical Chroma Gaming Keyboard for a review and testing
A fancy little toy that don’t seem to be so popular but actually is quite good.

The personal highlight
– Quite fancy light effect
– 3 Macro Modes
– Overall good
Check video for more detailed review

A nice Modding video of the keyboard with Blank/Black Translucent Keycaps
for the Reidea Mechanical keyboard
Check the video below