Aukey Action Camera Reviews (4k vs 1080p)

This time we take a look at Aukey’s action cameras, one is 1080p and other is 2160p (4k). Both are GoPro like designs that come with waterproof cases, but which one is better?

1080p Action Camera Review

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So this Action Camera can do only 1080p @ 30fps, or 720p @ 60fps + some other smaller resolutions. There’s a WiFi option, which allows you to connect to this camera via smart phone or tablet (using special app). Via the app, you can record a video or take pictures, it’s good for when you’re using a case or bracket that blocks the built-in LCD display on the camera itself.
Camera takes Micro SD card (not included).

It comes with 100% waterproof case (underwater test seen on video review), which can be used for diving, it also protects the camera from dust and impacts, however it also blocks the audio a lot. There’s another cover which has holes in it for better audio, but obviously it’s no longer waterproof then.

In general this camera has really crystal clear quality and good color temperature, so videos look sharp and clean and colorful.
Battery doesn’t last too long, but it’s re-chargeable and replaceable, so you can always buy more batteries and just replace them when they run out or buy a USB power bank to charge it on the go!

This camera also has features such as G-Sensor. This means G-force sensor, when enabled, then camera protects the file so it won’t get overwritten automatically, this is good when using it as a dashcam in car, which you can do. It has a loop recording in case you want to use it as dashcam. Loop recording means that it records and overwrites older files on SD card. However when the G-sensor is triggered, then it protects the file so it won’t get overwritten when the card is full.
G-sensor is triggered when camera takes impact, there are 3 options for it (low, medium, high). So when on high, then slightest bump can trigger it, while on low you have to smack it quite good.

There are lot of other functions too, which you can see on the video review!


2160p Action Camera

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This is a newer model, this camera can record in native 2160×3840 (4k) resolution @ 25 fps, 1080p in 60fps and 720p in 120fps. It comes with the usual waterproof case which can be used for diving or to protect the camera.
There’s also WiFi function, which allows you to record the video straight onto the mobile device and via the app, you can also change some settings. Camera also has time lapse function, which is quite cool to have. However time lapse doesn’t make a video, it simply takes pictures every 2 – 60 seconds (depending on settings).

You’ll also find 1 extra battery and a remote controller in the package. Extra battery comes in handy if you run out of juice, while remote controller only has 2 buttons on it, record video and take photo. It’s about size of a wrist watch and can be wrapped around your hand like a wrist watch too. It’s useful if you trying to take a selfie or put camera in a place where you can’t really access it, but want to take a photo or start / stop video recording. Comes in handy!
Ofcourse camera has built-in LCD display and lot of other function which you can see on the video review.


But which camera is better?

 It depends really, to tell you the truth, I think 1080p camera has better image quality than the 4k camera. Even when recording in 1080p with both, the 1080p Action Camera just seems so much clearer. Image on the 4k camera is not as clear, it seems more pixelated. They both have their own pros and cons. For example 1080p one doesn’t have the time lapse function nor the remote controller. Also the 4k camera has bigger LCD screen and comes with a remote controller, while 4k camera doesn’t have the G-Sensor and it’s not really designed to be used as dashcam, however you can, as it still has the loop recording.

They’re both good in their own way, but honestly I think i’d recommend the 1080p camera, I mean how many people actually own the 4k monitor to watch 4k content? maybe in 5 years or so 4k will be more common, but at this point I think it’s not really worth it. Remote controller isn’t that useful either, because both of these cameras can be controlled via smart phone or tablet, which can be used as remote controller.

Either way, bother cameras are way cheaper than the expensive brands such as GoPro. Neither of these cameras measure up to GoPro level, but considering they cost 5-6 times less than GoPro, they’re totally worth it! Aukey’s 1080p camera has really good quality and 4k one isn’t that bad either, they’re both great outdoors, while in poor lighting conditions they do pixelate a bit.
Hope this info helps you choose!

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