How to remove unused drivers [XP]

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How to remove unused drivers [XP]

Post by Sethioz »

it might work on other windows' too.
NOTE that everywhere where you see " " quote marks, do not include them when typing it. it is simply to seperate it better from the text !

1. right click "my computer" under start menu
- if you do not have my computer under start menu, do the following. open your windows explorer (not internet).
type in "my computer" and press enter. now on left, you will see "view system information", click that.
2. click "advanced" tab
3. click on "environment variables"
4. under "system variables" click "new"
5. in the variable name box enter this:

Code: Select all

6. in the variable value enter "1"
7. click OK for "edit system variable" box and then click OK for "environment variables" box
8. go to "hardware" tab
9. click on "device manager"
10. under "view" select "show hidden devices"
11. now look for the faded / washed icons

those faded / washed icons are drivers that are not used currently, however they might be reused. for example if you have phone, mp3 player ..etc.
it should be safe to remove them anyway. in fact those drivers should be removed to improve the performance and reduce the risk of conflicts.

see also how to list all installed drivers
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