Things that movies always get wrong (dumb things)

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Things that movies always get wrong (dumb things)

Post by Sethioz »

As a very intelligent person, I often notice things in movies that are just pure nonsense and laughable.
For example things like killing someone with a pillow by suffocating them .. like HELLOOOO, you can breathe thru pillow lol. try it yourself if you don't believe me. In order to suffocate someone with pillow, you'd have to shove that pillow down their nose and throat like a plug, putting pillow over someone's face won't do anything more than cause some discomfort.

I'll update the topic as I recall anything, so check the list below:

1. Oxygen
I was just watching "Stowaway 2021", it's about a mission to mars where instead of 3 people, they accidentally get a 4th one and then their co2 venting system breaks, so they are saying that they won't have enough oxygen to make it ... they saying mission control tried all scenarios and there's no way that all 4 will survive.
There have been other movies with similar concept too, where there's not enough oxygen, so 1 or more people have to die in order for rest to survive. This concept was also in "The 100" tv series.

So here's my easy solution .. JUST TURN DOWN THE OXYGEN YOU IMBREAD MORONS! Humans don't need that much oxygen. Let me break it down for you:

* humans don't need to breathe air to survive, humans need oxygen to survive
* there's about 21% oxygen in air (on earth)
* earth's air pressure at sea level is 1 atmosphere
* most spaceships and stations use pure oxygen (that's 5x more than in air)
* space stations/ships use lower pressure of 0.3 atmospheres (5 psi) of pure oxygen
* some space ships use 60% oxygen and 40% nitrogen at 16 psi (about 1 atmosphere, same as earth)
* at top of mount Everest, there's only about 0.3 atmospheres of pressure (about 3 times less than at sea level)
* it is possible to survive at top of mount everest without any extra oxygen (breathe normally)

I'm not completely sure how to calculate this, but lowering atmospheric pressure, while having pure oxygen, will cause you to breathe in less oxygen at a time. so for example if you have compare 1 atmosphere air (with 21% oxygen) to like 0.3 atmospheres of pure oxygen, then you don't get 5x more oxygen than when breathing 1 atmosphere of air, because pressure is less, therefore less oxygen particles exist in same amount of space.
so in 0.3 atmospheres of pure oxygen, there's about 1/3 of oxygen than there would be in 1 atmospheres of pure oxygen. therefore it's still more than in air.
It's same principle as hot water expands and requires bigger container. You can do a simple test yourself, during hot weather (or if you have sauna or other hot place) take empty plastic bottle simply seal it while inside hot room, then take it somwhere cool, you can put it into freezer for few hours, then take it out and you will see how bottle has contracted and is under pressure from outside. That's because particles move slower in cold and therefore requires smaller container.

So lower pressure, means that your lungs get less oxygen compared to higher pressure. I needed to explain this, to explain the simple solution:

In spaceships, humans get about 3x more oxygen than on earth, like the 60% oxygen mix.
so as stated before, at top of mount everest you get 3 times LESS oxygen than at sea level, yet it's still possible to survive there for longer periods of time, you just feel tired and out of breathe, but it's possible. Some climbers do this as challenge and won't take extra oxygen with them.
While in spaceships you get about 3x MORE oxygen than on earth (at sea level).

so if you'd be in the situation where you don't have enough breathable air for everyone, JUST LOWER THE FUCKING OXYGEN MIX! You can lower it at least 2.5 times without any danger of anyone dying, it's said that at top of mount everest it can be dangerous without oxygen, but only if you're snowflake. so 2.5x less oxygen would be survivable.
In that specific movie "stowaway", they would have only had to lower the oxygen by 25% per person, so you'd still get 75% of what's in spaceship. you could go 3x lower, which means that ship could possibly provide oxygen for 9 people for planned period (in movie it was 2 years). I just kept on thinking to myself thruout the movie: ...just lower the oxygen you dummies!

2. Shotguns blow people away
This has always been a dumb one, i don't get why in movies people fly like 10 miles when they get hit with a shotgun LOL. it's so dumb .. in fact Mythbusters did this in one episode, they did get dummy to fly backwards about 1 meter if i remember correct, but it was under special circumstances. They used special military designed ammo that is designed to knock targets back, they use some kind of blunt tips and are heavier than normal bullets. They used those and bulletproof vest on dummy, so the force impact would be maximum. I think it was about 1 meter distance that they got ... which is basically nothing. You can look it up on youtube probably, the episode should be there.

3. Lights in eyes
This one makes my blood boil to tell you the truth, mostly in space movies, but also in some horror or "dark" movies. By dark, I mean literally dark areas, like where people go into basement or some barn or other place with no lights on.
So in space movies, such as Prometheus for example, WHY THE FUCK DO THE HELMETS HAVE LIGHTS THAT POINT INTO THEIR EYES???
Have you ever tried to see in dark by pointing flashlight straight into your eyes? Does it help you see better??
In order to see better in dark, you have to point light on things that you want to see, not in your own eyes.
It's same principle as when driving a car at night on road with no lights, turn off headlights and turn on interior light ... think you can still see where the road is? I don't think so...
It's basic physics of how human eyes see things. You can see from dark to bright areas very well, but seeing from bright to dark is not possible.
So why in those movies they have lights in their face?
Same thing goes for some horror movies where people are in dark, they always shove the flashlight into their own face and then they're like "AHH OMG WHAT WAS THAT??" ..while still shoving the flashlight into their face, it's basically like ringing the dinner bell for the monster or bad guy .. like "LOOK IM OVER HERE NICE AND BRIGHT"

If I'd have to take a guess, it has something to do with cameras not being able to record well in dark and I guess they really want everyone to see people's faces when they blabber away.
Most people don't realize this, but cameras require well lit area to record well, otherwise the footage will be pixelate. That's why in dark movies, you can see clearly, while they pretend they can't see at all and you can see that even powerful flashlights have very little effect on environment, that's because they actually record with powerful studio lights turned on and after recording is done, they will edit it and add the dark effects. So dark movies are not actually recorded in dark, most people just think that's how it's done, but they're actually recorded while powerful lights are on.

but well I think it's stupid to shine light into their faces just so you can see who's who and who's talking, just don't show their faces then, no need to shove some fake light into their face, besides there are some movies that don't use this method and they're just fine. in fact I think it's more immersive that way. Movies that shove lights into people's faces, they remind me of bunch of kids who throw a blanket over their head and then take out flashlights and tell scary stories.
So movie producers .. stop doing it! it's not cool, it's annoying and ruins the immersion.

4. Suffocating someone with a pillow
as I mentioned it earlier, in lot of movies you see someone use a pillow to suffocate someone. Not only it's bullshit, in movies it happens so fast, like in 10 seconds or less. I just don't see how someone could be suffocated using a pillow, if enough force is used in right places, like trying to push the pillow right down the throat and nose, then it could use lot of discomfort, but there's no way you can suffocate someone with a pillow. You'd have to cut the pillow open and uses pieces of pillow to literally block someone's nose and mouth.
The way they hold the pillow in movies is just pure stupid, like holding it from sides and pushing down ... what is it suppose to do? Pillow is literally 90% air, nothing in pillow is air resistant. air flows thru it with ease, suffocating someone with pillow is as stupid as saying that you suffocate if you put on a dust mask.

5. Breaking a bottle over someone's head
In so many movies .. someone smashes a bottle at someone's head and they just seem bit dazed for a second and it's all good, well yea .. NOPE, not in real life. In order to break a bottle at someone's head, you have to use extreme force. It will most definetely crack someone's skull and cause severe concussion.
This too, was tested in Mythbusters. They obviously didn't smack someone over their head with a bottle, but they used ballistics gel and material that has same properties as bone. They use those in car crashes too, to see if crash would cause broken bones ..etc.
They smacked some bottles at those dummies and they concluded that it's survivable, but would cause severe injuries, which is common sense.
In real, in most cases a bottle wouldn't even break if you hit someone.

6. Car windows breaking too easily
This one has always bugged me how easily car windows break in movies. someone is just able to punch thru a window ... yea nope, not happening in real. I've tried myself, you'll break your fist and your entire arm if you keep going. I once made a bet with friend, he was one of those macho wannabes, thought he can break it easily ..but nope, he almost broke his hand lol.
There was also some russkie retards at youtube who said he can smash it with his head, he knocked himself into the window so hard that he almost lost conciousness LOL. what a moron..
If you have a car, have at it .. take your best shot, you won't break the window. I can't bother searching for the clip, but it's on youtube, where The Big Show from WWE (the 240kg monster) takes a punch at car window even tho he tried to hide it, you could see he hurt his hand quite bad, but window didn't break. Trust me, that guy's punch is like getting hit with sledgehammer. He then proceeded to kick it and only reason he broke the window, is because he didn't kick high enough, his heel went against the door and door bent inwards and that's what broke the window.
I think if you search on youtube for "big show flips car" you should find it. He punched it, kicked it and then flipped it.
While in movies, some small person is able to punch thru the window with ease, that's so lame.
In real life, if you need to effortlessly break a car window, use something really solid (something that has higher density than glass) and even small tap will break it. This is why buses, trains and others similar type of vehicles have those small red glass breaking hammers. they have special tip that can easily break the glass.
However even when using those, you should always aim for corners, because this is where glass has least bounce-back / flexibility and it should break easily.
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