SnowRunner - How to easily "hack" money and experience (very easy)

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SnowRunner - How to easily "hack" money and experience (very easy)

Post by Sethioz »

Hacking / editing money and experience in SnowRunner is easier than you might think, you don't even need any special tools for it. Text editor is all you need. So here's how you can add yourself any amount of money and experience that you want.

1) Find your savegame file
Here's how to find SnowRunner savegame location:
This is trickier than you might think, because a simple google search for "snowrunner savegame location" will not suffice, because location of savegame depends on which version of game you're using. For example all cracked versions use their own location, steam uses it's own and so does epic fails (I mean epic games). I can't be arsed to list all of them, so I just tell you HOW to find it!

I highly recommend downloading "Agent Ransack", because windows search doesn't always list files and it often takes 10 years to search. Agent Ransack is much better search tool for windows, but it's optional. I just highly recommend it.

So now you must know if you have more than 1 drive on your PC. For example I have SSD for windows and 2tb HDD for games and depending on game version, savegame could be on either.

If you have just 1 drive, it's easy: Search for "completesave". Again I can't even give you file extension, because depending on SnowRunner version, this could be either .dat .sav or .cfg (latest I believe). But if you have more than 1 drive, then you might have to search on both. For example Steam version stores savegame in Steam's folder (NOT in documents and settings, where cracked version keeps its save).

So if you have latest version of game, then search for "completesave.cfg" and if you come up empty, then use just "completesave". Either way, I don't think you have other files with same name.
However depending on how many savegames you have made, there could be completesave, completesave1, completesave2 ..etc
If you have multiple, they go in order which they are shown in the game:
slot 1 (left side) = CompleteSave.cfg
slot 2 (from left) = CompleteSave1.cfg
and so on and on...

2) Open the file
Open it with Notepad++ (strongly recommended) or any other text editor will work too.

3) Edit Money and/or Experience
for money search for:

Code: Select all

for experience search for:

Code: Select all

YES, WITH quotes (not without), like so:

4) Edit the values
This part is so obvious that even monkey could do it!
If you need instructions ... then give up!

5) Save the file

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