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Trail Out (Trailout) cheats / hacking (infinite money, fans ..etc)

Posted: Wed Sep 07, 2022 1:02 pm
by Sethioz
I took a quick look, but code is more complex than in most games and I couldn't bother writing a trainer, but it's super easy to hack things like money and fans. Use whichever memory editor is your favorite (ArtMoney, Cheat Engine, Cosmos ..etc)

This game has no anti-cheat

Unlimited / Infinite money:

Just do 4 bytes search for the money value you have (for example 10001), then go into your workshop or junkyard, spend bit money (as little as possible is best), let's say you buy new wreck for 1000, so you now have 9001 money!
Filter for 9001 and you should end up with 3 addresses.
first one should be correct.
But note that money won't change instantly, you have to spend some money to see changes. Change value of first addy to whatever you want (like 150000) and then spend money on something, like buy a paintjob or wheels or whatever.

OR you can just change values on all 3 addys and then spend some money and you'll see the changes after that.

Unlimited fans:
Exactly Same method works for fans (to unlock vehicles and parts)