Mad Max Trainers / Hacks / Cheats for PC

get your superiourity here ! be an offline or online GOD of the game. infinite ammo, unlimited nitro, turbo boost, god mode, you name it !
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Mad Max Trainers / Hacks / Cheats for PC

Post by Sethioz »

Trainers available HERE

1. Health (Max and Vehicles)
float type
Max Health is 2000 when fully upgraded, starting is umm .. not sure
Vehicle health should be 100 when full.

2. Vehicle Nitros
float type
1 bar = 1

3. Fuel
can't remember if it was float or bytes.
full tank at beginning of game = 20
upgraded full tank is 45 (not sure)

4. Scrap
float, but cannot be changed without a bypass. At least didn't work for me.
Function is available in my trainer

5. Ammo
This worked for sniper and shotgun, but not for thunderpoons
can't remember if it was float or bytes, but just try.
is what it shows
nop the function and works great.

6. Water / Canteen
Forgot the values lol
think it was 100 when full? and float, but not sure.

I haven't done much hacking in Mad Max at all, but i might take a look into vehicle and weapon stats. could turn my shotgun into a rapid-fire minigun and vehicle into a tank-armored rocket :-)

Anyway if you can't bother hacking the game yourself, check out the trainers.
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