How to Lock Microphone Volume in Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 10 / Win 11

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How to Lock Microphone Volume in Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 10 / Win 11

Post by Sethioz »

This has been tested and confirmed to be working on windows 7, windows 8 and windows 10
I have been told it also works on windows 11, but I STRONGLY suggest you to STAY AWAY from windows 11, it's total spyware and you have 0 control over your data, microsoft controls even your encryption keys in windows 11!

This is very annoying issue to have, lot of programs mess with your mic / microphone volume and as result you have broken projects. I've had this many times, where some program messes up my mic volume and when i'm making a video, i can't even hear my own commentary and video is fucked only cuz of that. it pisses me the fuck off when programs do that on their own, i'd bitch slap them so hard if i'd ever meet the ppl who put such shit into their software ... unfortunetely almost every software does that (skype, camtasia, even some games that use mic)

So i looked around a bit and found a tool that can manipulate some windows settings. it's called nircmd. it's a tiny .exe tool and cmd based. It can update your mic volume after every XXX seconds.
So i wrote a small .bat + .vbs scripts to keep that program running on background and you can easily add this into your windows startup.
PROBLEM SOLVED! fuck those retards who screw with your settings, it seriously gets on my nerves ... if i want to adjust my mic, i'll do it myself!

You can grab all the necessary files here:
Lock mic vol.rar
(40.54 KiB) Downloaded 38066 times

My project sets mic volume to 100% every 0.5 seconds. You can edit the "lock_mic_vol.bat" if you know what you are doing, 65536 is volume @ 100%. If you want vol @ 50%, then do the math, half of 65536 obviously. you can change timer too, 500 stands for 500ms which is 0.5 seconds. you can change it.
This takes almost no CPU resources, so it can run on background without any issues.
You don't need any of those scripts, you can just use cmd and run the nircmdc.exe with the parameters, but my project is meant to keep it hidden, so you don't have the cmd window open at all times.
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