Dead Island & Riptide - gameplay and settings

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Dead Island & Riptide - gameplay and settings

Post by Sethioz »

Mainly i made this topic to talk about the poor imagination of developers .. or is it just idiotism / retardness?

if anyone knows, tell me, because i sure don't understand why they do such idiotic things.
right, so what this is about.
there are many, many different weapons, that look bit different and names are different.
like "baseball bat" and "metal baseball bat", they have different look to it and hit sound, but everything else is SAME, wtf???
have you ever seen wooden and metal bat act same?
obviously metal bat is heavier, should take more stamina to swing, swings slower, but also makes a lot more damage and should be nearly indestructible, but those idiots have same stats for both, where is the sense in that?
or more over ... where is the FUN in that??????

or does it make sense that katana breaks when cutting thru zombies? .. or sledgehammer???

i have gone thru the game stats and its all the same, just name changes lol. 99% of wooden things have same damage and durability. like plank, broomstick, hatstand ..etc
This is so stupid, its same in dead island and riptide.

anyway im working on my "Sethioz realism mod" where i will edit each item and make them more unique and realistic, so that there are no doubled items at all.
for example RUSTY shovel does less damage and breaks more easily than normal shovel, makes sense, doesn't it ?
devs have made it all the same lol.
also i will be chaning upgrades, so that rusty shovel can never be as good as normal.
same with sledgehammers, knives, sticks ..etc
it will take quite some time, since there are thousands of things to change, if not tens of thousands.
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