Camtasia .mov files problem QuickTime v7.2 must be installed

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Camtasia .mov files problem QuickTime v7.2 must be installed

Postby Sethioz » Sat Aug 10, 2013 1:02 am

I don't remember exact message since i fixed it, but it is something like "to import .mov files QuickTime v7.2 or later must be installed. Quicktime can be downloaded from"

When trying to importan .mov files, you get the notice that quicktime v7.2 or later must be installed, however you already have the latest quicktime and if you re-download and re-install, you will get a choice "repair" or "uninstall", even if you repair, you will keep receiving the message.

Close Camtasia and any related programs
Download QuickTime installer, when asked select "uninstall"
Now google and download "CCleaner", run it with all options enabled (except "wipe free space")
There are 2 methods for next step:

Method 1
download JV16 Power Tools and go to "registry tools > registry finder"
type in "QuickTime" and search for it, wait for the search to complete, then delete ALL entries it found.
re-install QuickTime, once finished, you're done, launch camtasia and it will load .mov files (no reboot required, just tested myself)

Method 2
if you don't have JV 16 power tools, click on "start > regedit" and press enter.
in registry editor press CTRL+F and search for "QuickTime"
once entry has been found, click on "Delete" and confirm, then press F3 to repeat the search, do it until registry editor says that you have reached end of registry and found nothing.
close registry editor, reboot (just to make sure)
now re-install QuickTime, you're done, launch camtasia and it should work fine.
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