How to share wireless internet connection over ethernet win7

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How to share wireless internet connection over ethernet win7

Post by Sethioz »

I spent hours on trying to do this, but i found a simple trick that works best. Connect 2 computers via ethernet cable (not via router).
so ethernet cable is plugged straight from one pc to another.
Now in the PC where you have have internet access (wireless + lan), go into "Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections"
Hold down CTRL key and click on your wireless and then on LAN (Local Area Connection usually), so both are selected.
Now right click and select "bridge connections"

you're done, now other PC will have internet connection.

I tried messing with internet connection sharing, but that shit just didn't work. gave me bunch of errors and other shit. it gives internet access only to 1 PC, but this is what i need.

If you want true wireless sharing, get yourself Alfa R36 (it takes internet from 3G dongle or AWUS036NH/NHR wireless adapter) and shares it over its own hotspot that you can configure. R36 is best option if you want to share your wireless with more than 1 device and over wireless + lan. R36 has Ethernet port so you can connect it to 1 pc and rest can go wireless.
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