Win 7 - switch between sound outputs (headset / speakers)

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Win 7 - switch between sound outputs (headset / speakers)

Post by Sethioz »

Tutorial on how to switch between usb headset and speakers output or in general, how to switch between sound outputs in windows 7.
I need this, because i now have G930 wireless gaming headset and i also use my surround sound system / speakers, so i need a quick way to switch between, going into windows sound settings each time, selecting default output and clicking apply, is annoying.

Here is a small script / tool that does it for you (i'm not author of this tool). what it does, it just opens sound options, chooses different output, applies settings and closes it, you can see the window pop up for split second.
You can assign hotkeys in .ini settings file or do it manually by clicking on the tray icon once, to switch between output1 and output2.
Allows you to choose output1 and output2

This one is for win 7 64-bit only, if you want for 32-bit, google. I don't know why anyone would want to use 32-bit windows anyway, it's completely useless to have 32-bit win7.

Download it here:
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