Logitech wireless keyboard not working (maybe others too)

Detailed explainations of errors/bugs. cause and fix (if any). also support for your problems here.
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Logitech wireless keyboard not working (maybe others too)

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I had issues specifically with Logitech K400 wireless keyboard with built-in touchpad in 64-bit win 7, but i don't think it is win 7 speicifc (might be tho).

Wireless keyboard simply does not work when plugged in. it installes the drivers automatically as any other plug n play device, says "ready to use" but keyboard simply does not work.
It worked fine in BIOS and in other computers running XP, vista, linux..etc

MotioninJoy gamepad drivers are causing this issue. there maybe other drivers / software that cause issues too, but motioninjoy is confirmed to cause issues.

uninstall whole motioninjoy software, if still does not work, uninstall drivers too using device manager.
i have not yet tested if it will still work if i re-install motioninjoy (i NEED that software), but i will update this topic once i figure out a way to get them both working at same time.

i have just re-installed motioninjoy and it seems like it works, however i did not click on "install all" button. i think that is the problem causer, since it says "overwrites current bluetooth dongle" or something like that. as far as i know, all wireless device like keyboards, mice..etc use bluetooth wireless, not an actual "wireless" that is used in wireless networking, so i guess that's why it stops working.
right now my keyboard works and controller seem to be working too.

based on this, i don't think it is necessary to even uninstall motioninjoy, you can just open it up and "remove" the driver from the tool and it should work, if you have this issue, try that first, saves you the uninstall / install trouble.
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