DayZ Glitches

console and pc game glitches and bugs, no hacks or cheats here.
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DayZ Glitches

Post by Sethioz »

So far i have not made any hacks for DayZ. i need to know if battleye bans only for using cheat engine.
lately battleye been acting all dumb. Memnoch got kicked out and admin was pissed off said he spawned a jet, while clearly he was not even trying to hack the game, he just joined me and instantly got kicked, because obviously battleye reported something wrong.
also i keep getting kicked by battleye, it says "client not responding" while im not lagging, not at all.
if anyone has further info about battleye, specifically on how it works and what it detects, post it up.


1. Infinite DMR (and some others) ammo - patched

- DMR magazines consists of 4 M24 magazines
- split DMR mag into 4 M24 mags
- right click on DMR mag > split
- now right click on any M24 mag and put it back together
- you now have full mag of DMR again
- It only works if you have at least 1 bullet left in DMR mag

2. Infinite food / drink / bandages / morphine / fences / sandbags / tank traps ..etc - patched

- works on anything that can be right-click used
- open gear / inventory
- make sure item is in your inventory, not in bag
- left click on item you want to use
- right click + hold down right click (do not let go after clicking)
- while keeping right click down, left click on "drop"
- while keeping right click down, left click on the popup text that appeared when you right clicked item
- now pick up the item that was dropped
- you have now used item, without actually using it.
- also works on outfits (ghillie, soldier outfit..etc)

3. Fix vehicles - patched in some servers

- I have not figure this one out 100% yet, but it seems server based. Johnathan said it's not working if something is red, but i disagree. it have worked for me on bicycle when wheels were red. Try and see if it works, better than not trying at all.
- Get out of vehicle
- Save vehicle
- wait 5 - 10 seconds (you may want to save again)
- Get back into vehicle
- If vehicle did not fix itself, then most likely it doesn't work in that server.
- Also it is recommended to test on vehicle that has no red damage, if it doesn't work, then server won't support it.

as about hacks, it goes slowly, but i have just uploaded Arma2 + Dayz into my other pc and going to test private server there. if i get it working, then hacks are expected soon :)
Rocket launching pistol ...mmmm
or how about Rocket launching M249 ?
ooor .. stacking like 1000 grenades into one inventory slot ?
Those are the kind of hacks i look forward to, not some lame ass teleporting bah. Imagine Assault rifle with grenade launcher addon having a rapidfire for grenades and infinite grenades ? = GRENADE RAIN !
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