HDD / HD / Hard Disk - repair / fix bad sectors / format

all kinds of tutorials and guides. how, where, why, step-by-step stuff and more. also support for those tutorials and guides. ONLY post step-by-step guides/tutorials here OR reply with question if you have any.
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HDD / HD / Hard Disk - repair / fix bad sectors / format

Post by Sethioz »

This is not step by step tutorial on how to do those things, but general preview and overview.

* Symptoms of bad sectors on your hdd:

1. data gets corrupted and programs wont work properly or it takes very long to read and/or write files from/onto your hdd
2. pc/laptop wont boot up because windows keeps loading or says hard drive error
3. other kinds of read / write errors or extreme lag

* Main reasons why bad sectors occur:

1. most common is power interruption during write process, this can happen if there is loose cable or if you tamper with hardware while pc/laptop is turned on.

2. when working hdd is dropped or whole laptop, dont think any1 drops pc, but some ppl hit pcs, so that can cause it too. external drive can also be dropped easily and im not talking about off the table, sometimes its enough if your external drive just falls over on table. lil info on why this happens, HDDs have many magnets and lasers (some) inside and they are very fragile, small bump / interruption of laser or magnet may cause it to move when it didnt want to move, causing a false write / burn and that causes bad sector.

3. when your hdd is getting old, it might generate bad sectors

4. bad maintenance of hdd, this includes things like not keeping pc in cool place, bad cooling system on pc, dust also not just hardware side maintenance, but software. you have to defrag your hdd regularly and check for errors once in a while.
some idiots think that software side can never cause bad sector, but it most certainly CAN. if your hdd is fragmented, then it results in a much higher magnet / laser movement than usual, magnets / lasers inside of hdd have to move all the time to get the data you request. every monkey should know that any kind of movement in pc is bad, it wears out faster.


* How to fix bad sectors on hdd / hard disk / hd / hard drive even when device is in worst condition

Best tool seem to be "HDD Regenerator". its not free, so i cant include it in this post, but im sure you can find serial for it or get full version from torrent.
its very easy to use and seem to work even when hdd seem to be beyond repair.
i was able to fix one HDD with it that was unrepairable by many other tools, including gay 7 (win 7) default HDD check disk function.

PartitionMagic might also work, but its only for XP. its extremely good tool, but i have not tested it on HDDs with bad sectors.
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Re: HDD / HD / Hard Disk - repair / fix bad sectors / format

Post by eGRes5 »

Have you tried SpinRite? I've never used HDD Regenerator but I had a RAID array take a shit before
and went through a gauntlet of shitty programs that didn't do anything for me (Ran inside of windows)

SpinRite and some other one I can't remember boots FreeDOS and runs in its own environment. It takes
full control of of your disk and will make passes at sectors at different directions or some such crap.

General rule of thumb; once you recover the data off the drive, toss the fucker and don't ever put anything on it again
(or sell it on craigslist/ebay) :)
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