Dead Island - Crash bypass help?

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Dead Island - Crash bypass help?

Postby evolution » Tue Feb 28, 2012 8:24 pm

So i was reading the Knowledge Base about dead island game modding, and decided to make some 100% crit weapons, already did that but now my problem is that
i don't understand how to use the bypass

Crash bypass when using modified files
This bypass should be used with any Dead Island update (retail version does not require this bypass)
Dead Island crash fix / bypass
In order to use this bypass, Extracted /Data/ folder has to be zipped using WinRAR or WinZIP
Now crash fix can be used to create data0.pak out of the zipped /Data/ folder
Follow directions inside of readme file

Copied From this page ... able_Hacks

Maybe a more detailed guide on how to use the bypass please?
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Re: Dead Island - Crash bypass help?

Postby Sethioz » Tue Feb 28, 2012 9:36 pm

wrong place, this is not error / crash, this is dead island game hacking discussion and its been discussed on this forum already. use search.

as about details, how about extracting the bypass and reading the included instructions + examples ?!

LOCKED - wrong place, doubled topic.
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