Driver San Francisco - has stopped working [SOLVED]

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Driver San Francisco - has stopped working [SOLVED]

Postby Sethioz » Tue Feb 07, 2012 1:38 pm

When driver first came out, i downloaded it and got that error that "driver has stopped working" and no exact error message, i googled and found that lot of ppl had same issues and no1 knew why, today i just found out what the problem is.

It seems like it doesn't like certain game controllers, in my case, PS3 controller.
im using DS3 tool and PS3 six-axis controller and game never worked, however i decided to try it again few days ago, but difference is that this time i was still using DS3 tool and PS3 controller, but im using it as xbox360 controller. in ds3 tool you can choose how controller acts, ive started using it as 360, because most games only support it (fucking conspiracy by gaysoft).
and it launched just fine.

just few minutes ago i got annoyed of using triggers as acc/brake and wanted to swap it into PS3 mode and soon as i did, game crashed and didnt launch again.

so if you are having same issue that game just says "driver has stopped working", then if you are not using any software like i do, just unplug all of your controllers (usb keybaord and mouse shouldn't effect it) and try again. also i can't even remember if i was using PS3 controller back then, i might have been using my cyborg 2500 rumble controller, but still, it seem to be working only with gay360.

I think its a big conspiracy by ubisoft and microsoft, just as usual. microsoft is known to get involved in conspiracies like this to control the world, this is the EXACT reason why game just says "stopped working" and gives no reason, so you have to contact their support and blabber half day and at end, they tell you "you have to buy xbox 360 controller". fucking assholes.
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