It's strongly recommended to read this first. its not long and its useful
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I DO NOT take any responsibility for what readers / visitors can do with information, programs, videos, links, pictures, tutorials, guides and other material found here!
EVERYTHING on this board (forum) is meant for informational and educational purposes only!

DO NOT misunderstand the terms:
Proof of Concept is NOT hacking or cracking and it is NOT illegal in any way.

Exploit / Exploiting is also NOT illegal in any way. it has nothing to do with Hacking.

Also do not misunderstand cracking and Recovering terms. Password cracking and Software cracking is NOT same as Password or data recovering! If somebody loses his password and wants to recover it, then it is LEGAL to use any means to recover that password. It is LEGAL to use any tools you want on your own server or computer to recover your lost password.
It is NOT illegal to pick your own door lock or break into your own car! If I provide you the info on how to break into a car, I cannot be held responsible if someone uses that knowledge to break into somebody else's car without their permissions (in which case it would be illegal).

People are very badly mis-informed nowdays, this is why this disclaimer is here for. For example lot of idiots think that game hacking is illegal, technically any kind of hacking is LEGAL. What makes some hacking illegal, is when someone hacks into somebody elses system without their permission.
For example game trainer might give you access to things that others can't get, but this is not me doing it, I only provide the information on how to do it, it's the user who executes the trainer on their computer and therefore it's their computer that performs the action, not me or my computer. So I cannot be held responsible for what people do with the tools and info found here.

I also DO NOT take any responsibility for what other forum users can post here!
ALL programs found here are freeware or trial and CAN be shared - if somebody find a program that is copyright, then you can report the post.