It's strongly recommended to read this first. its not long and its useful
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1. DO NOT spam the fucking forum. (lame spamming like fuck off, fuck off, fuck off and don't double post your problems/questions into several topics.)

2. NO advertising / NO commercials! Only subscribed Advertisers are allowed to post ads under special conditions (terms are listed under the subscription package).

3. NO OFF-TOPIC! STAY IN THE TOPIC! I mean it, LOOK what you post and where you post! I get it if someone accidentally posts something in wrong section if it's bit confusing, but LOOK before you post! This also means, DO NOT fucking troll the topic with nonsense! For example if someone asks "How can I change my windows id / key" then DO NOT reply with "this is illegal" or "you get banned for this, don't do it". If someone asks a question, then don't judge and reply to the question and nothing more! Like if someone asks "how to repair car tyre" then DO NOT say something like "just call expert", if you don't know, then don't reply at all. It's everybody's personal business WHY they want to know this or that, so if you have nothing to say, don't judge and don't reply!

4. DO NOT make stupid or unnecessary posts! (yeah its a cool pic, ok, yes i see, its blue ...etc). You can post your opinions / reviews about things or people, but do it properly, if you think something is ''crap'' then tell us WHY it's so. DONT just say ''its crap''. Don't post if you have nothing smart to say.

5. DO NOT try stupid things (guessing passes, brute-forcing, RFI, CSS, SQL injection ..etc). I will take counter-measures. I have made examples out of many twats, including netsky (website is permanently down now). Their admin attacked my site because one of the users here attacked his servers. If netsky twat reads this, then know that i have nothing to do with users here, if you have problem with somebody, deal with that user, not me.
I also hacked into niceservers.com and forced them to shut down their site, read more here - http://www.vanillatf2.org/2011/06/nice- ... y-goodbye/
My site is not unhackable, but neither are you! Choose wisely before going against me, just because you have no site to hack, doesn't mean you cannot be hacked. You always have something in online environment that can be hacked and used against you.

6. DO NOT make an public or shared accounts. Quite simple, don't make an account and share details with anyone. If I notice suspicious activity (I have automatic tools to check multiple logins), your account will be permanently banned. You can share your account with a friend or two, but be mindful and make sure you trust your friend 100%.

7. ENGLISH ONLY! You're not allowed to post in any other languages. Only exception being if you're asking help with translation and quote the part in other language that you want translated, for example google and other online translators are having problems with Latin or some other dead or rare languages, so in that case it's allowed to post a part you want translate, but discussions must always be in English!

8. NO childish trash / NO faggot-ass autistic ME ME shit! I do not ME ME ME like some fagged up autistic kids. I don't tolerate childish trash. You will instantly get banned for posting some autistic ME ME shit, 0 tolerance policy is in place against autistic childish trash. If you're so obsessed with children, then why don't you go dress up like a baby, put a pacifier in your mouth and walk around on the street making ME ME sounds.

9. DON'T JUDGE: If someone asks a question, don't judge, don't ask like "why you need this for?" or like "OMG IT'S ILLEGAL", it's none of your business. If someone asks a question, you have 2 options: 1) you answer the question with relevant info OR 2) ignore it, but DO NOT start blabbing some offtopic garbage.

10. NO copyright material in attachments: You're not allowed to attach any copyright material in attachments, however I won't judge if you link to copyright material (like link to a torrent or to some mediafire or whatever).

Special rules, things you may do under special circumstances

1. Advertising rules - If you like to advertise, you can buy Advertiser subscription package, which gives you special advertiser privileges (terms explained in package details). You can also become my Patron - https://patreon.com/Sethioz and send me your advertising requests via Patreon!

2. Copy Pasting from other websites: You're allowed to copy paste (aka quote) certain parts from other websites if it's within topic, but DO NOT copy paste entire tutorial from another website. If you want to copy paste entire tutorial, then only way you're allowed to do it, is to first read thru it yourself, understand it and then re-write it in your own words! I don't tolerate direct copy pasting.

Things you CAN do!

1. You can use strong / vulgar language! This forum is not for eyerolling snowflakes! If someone can't take this, then they shouldn't have internet in the first place, but keep it under control. For example if you call somebody idiot, then explain yourself. Don't just say "idiot", you need to explain why you think the person is idiot.

2. You can post everything and anything if it goes into right topic, including adult content, controversial matters, religious stuff..etc However your post must still comply with generic internet laws, so things like child porn, copyright material ..etc is still not allowed.

BEFORE POSTING QUESTION/S: Use "Search" function and try multiple terms to make sure "your post" haven't been discussed before, if you can't find anything, then make sure you post in right place!